Sunnyvale, CA

Bob's Books

Hello moms. My 4 yr old son is able to find out the sound of each alphabet and can figure out the starting alphabet of any word based on sound. I am planning to buy him Bob's books. But not sure if I should go with sight words or Beginner reader books to introduce him to two letter n three ltter words and to reading. Pls tell me if I am in the right direction or if I am missing something he... More

Preschool program

Hello. I am looking for some suggestions about Super Safari Preschool program (Sunnyvale Community center). I would like to know which park has better staff and program for Tigers program. Is it Ortega or Serra park? Thanks a lot!

Hi Mom's. I am planning to take membership at YMCA. Can someone who has a YMCA membership in and around Sunnyvale, pls refer me?

Hi moms. I am looking for indoor swimming pool for kids in and around Sunnyvale, not just to learn but to use as and when needed. Any leads are highly appreciated.

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