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Looking for a pack n play/put away bed

I have been looking into pack n plays for my toddler and infant to sleep in. I want something that I can put away so they have room to play during the day (we live in a small space). I’m just worried it might be small for my toddler. Any recommendations? I need two.

When did you stop bottles?

At what age did you start to wean little one from the bottle and what age did you completely stop? And how? Also same for breastfeeding.

Eczema remedies?

My 6 month old has been scratching herself so bad, (bug bites have added on to the problem) I’ve put on mittens but she just sucks on it and it gets icky. We’re tried oatmeal baths (doesn’t really seem to help). Dove scent free baby wash, Aveeno oatmeal wash and cream. Non scented Vaseline like her pediatrician told me. We’ve tried baths twice a week and frequent bath schedule as well. It doesn... More

Missing cap cover

What do you do with the bottle when you lose the cap (cover)? This is so annoying, people want to feed the baby and just place the cap wherever and it ends up missing or lost.. I don’t wanna toss the whole bottle though.

Breast feeding

Tips or tricks to increase supply that actually work?

Suggestions for babywearing

I’ve heard of moby, boba, etc but they’re all super pricey. What are your favorite wraps or carriers? For a newborn and 1 year old.

9 month old spits food back out just to self feed 🤦🏾‍♀️

Our 9 month old eats pretty good, we try to let her self feed for the most part, but whenever we feed her something she likes to spit it out or grab it out of her mouth with her little pinchers and feed herself. Is this normal? Can I teach her not to do it?

Labor: with and without epidural

I’ve been contemplating not using epidural for my second time delivery, I used it the for the first, but a lot of people have been telling me that they passed out and I don’t want to miss out on the first moments of my baby being brought in the world. Has anyone else done it and how was it? I remember how painful the contractions were but when they told me to stay still to get the epidural, I... More

Pregnancy and Claustrophobia

Has anyone ever experienced claustrophobia during pregnancy? I don’t remember my first pregnancy being like this or at least this bad. But I cannot stand being hugged, or especially snuggles at night. Sometimes I wake up and it’s hard to breathe. And the anxiety is bad too.. I’m just hoping this is just a phase but has anyone been through this? Did anything help? Breathing exercises really don’... More

Aye posted in Sleep Oct 17, 2018

What/where does your LO sleep in for naps?

So far mine is in a swing but I hate leaving her in it so I’d move her to the bed and which she’d wake up right away or not too long after the switch. She won’t nap for long on the bed. Any good alternatives? Or is it okay/comfy for them to sleep in a swing? (She 7 months btw)

How to survive pregnancy while caring for a baby?

Currently 27 weeks pregnant with a 7 month old.. hubby wasted no time 🙃 (he and his brother are a year apart, so he has this idea it’ll be easy and they can keep each other company since they’ll be close in age etc, so against my better judgement I agreed with him 🤦🏾‍♀️) it’s been over a month since I quit working but it seems like I’m more tired now than when I worked 😩 but I dare not vent to ... More

Baby still wakes up for feeds at night

My LO is 7 months now and she still wakes up at night to feed, usually a bottle or two, sometimes even three (4 oz). I give her baby food and bottles during the day (2 scoop of oatmeal for breakfast, 2 sometimes 3 scoop plus half a jar of purée for lunch, 2 scoops for dinner: as well as snacks too). I’ve tried upping her bottles to 5oz, sometimes she’ll finish sometimes she won’t so I haven’t u... More

Is Baby Sparks worth the money?

There is an app called baby sparks and it just has activities you can do with your LO and it goes my their age, helps you with milestones etc. is it worth the money or is there any other app/etc like it?

Double Stroller

Hi guys, I’ve been in the market for a double stroller now. I have a five month old and expecting again, due date is in January. I’ve looked into the bugaboo but it’s so pricey so my husband doesn’t really want it. Any place I’ve looked, it’s either not comfy or it’s one for a big kid and infant.. any ideas ? 💡

Is the mamaroo worth it?

Ever since I was pregnant I've wanted to get my LO the mamaroo, but we were gifted with a regular swing so my husband said there's no point. She really doesn't take a liking to it though and I've been debating whether to just get it, she's four months now but I'm also pregnant again making it more tempting to get it.. but is it worth it?

Teething toys

I've gotten my LO a teething toy since she likes to put whatever she can in her mouth to bite/chew on, she's four months. But it doesn't go in her mouth or she loses grip and gets sooo mad. Any good ones to try?

Baby cries in the back seat of the car when alone. What to do?

So my two month old use to always fall asleep when she was in the car. She'd only fuss when we stopped at a light. But recently she doesn't really like the car anymore and will scream and cry and works herself up till she's bright red and sweaty and even loses her voice. I've had to pull over and calm her down and put her to sleep if I'm alone and need to go somewhere, or ha... More

What to do when you're sick?

FTM here and my little one just turned 2 months and this is the first time I've gotten sick after her birth.. I don't want her to catch it, it's awful enough for me. We co-sleep too but I've been putting her in a bassinet near me lately.. any tips other than sanitize?

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