Plainfield, IL

When did you start solids

My son is 23 weeks old and is almost at that 6month mark that the pediatrician suggested we start him on solids. When did everyone start their baby on solids and why? I want to start now on a veggie like carrots or green beans so that he likes vegetables. Hes had rice cereal and loved it especially when he’s teething terribly. What are some suggestions on timing and what to give?

How much milk overnight when milk is low

My son is almost 5 months and he sleeps in a bassinet at night until he wakes up a few hours later to nurse and cosleep. I’ve had a hard time with having enough milk for him so I’ve been supplementing formula. I always nurse him to sleep at night but lately he’s been waking up every hour after 3am to nurse. I noticed I haven’t been able to make as much milk as I used to so I’m wondering if he i... More

Holiday arrangements with different families

I have a 4month old baby boy and we are experiencing some cold cold weather! My boy hates being in layers and he’s teething, which makes for very busy days for mama and daddy. My question is how do you guys handle splitting up days with your families during the holidays? We have 3 families that celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas so we’re going to my grandparents Thanksgiving or staying h... More

Any teething advice for a 3 month old who is barely holding things with his hands?

My baby boy has trouble sleeping and eating. He’s been putting his hands in his mouth and occasionally his blankets. I have teethers, but he only likes them for a second. I wasn’t expecting him to start so early! Any teething must haves or advice?? I’d prefer not to use baby Tylenol at his age.

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