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Ashley posted in Sleep Mar 12

3 year old naps?

My son just turned 3 on the 10th which was also daylight savings time. Since then he has decided he has too much energy at nap time. He has always been great at taking a nap so I’m thinking he might be done napping 😭 I have tried running him around at the playground, running errands, playing at home and he just hasn’t worn himself out the past three days. What age did your kids stop napping? S... More

Toddler and New Baby

I have an almost 3 yo and a 2 month old. I am a SAHM so my days can be very long and hard but also very rewarding. Today my husband told me that my almost 3 yo said that Mom doesn’t play with him that much. I used to be able to play a lot but I am struggling to play as much as I used to and take care of the demands of a new baby. I’m not sure what to do about not being able to play as much and ... More

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