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How to break the pacifier habit?

My three year old still sucks on a pacifier at night and during nap time. We are having the hardest time breaking the habit. We have tried cold turkey but he just finds his little brother’s pacifier and uses that. Really looking for anything that worked with anyone else. We would like to kick this habit as soon as possible.

Standing to Pee

My son turned 3 at the beginning of March. He has been potty trained since around then and has been doing really good with it. Now all of a sudden he will only pee if he is standing. While I know this will come eventually right now it is making a mess. Any tips on how to get him to sit down or to help his aim?

Ashley posted in Sleep May 09

Sleep Training

I am looking for advice on how to sleep train my almost 6 month old. I have read about a few different methods but I can’t decide how to go about getting started. My little guy has been a terrible sleeper since birth. This past month he has taken to waking up every 30 minutes or so and I’m ready for something different. We have created some bad habits along the way...only will nap while being... More

Ashley posted in Sleep Mar 12

3 year old naps?

My son just turned 3 on the 10th which was also daylight savings time. Since then he has decided he has too much energy at nap time. He has always been great at taking a nap so I’m thinking he might be done napping 😭 I have tried running him around at the playground, running errands, playing at home and he just hasn’t worn himself out the past three days. What age did your kids stop napping? S... More

Toddler and New Baby

I have an almost 3 yo and a 2 month old. I am a SAHM so my days can be very long and hard but also very rewarding. Today my husband told me that my almost 3 yo said that Mom doesn’t play with him that much. I used to be able to play a lot but I am struggling to play as much as I used to and take care of the demands of a new baby. I’m not sure what to do about not being able to play as much and ... More

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