Las Vegas, NV

hello my name is makayla and i have a 1 year old son(: we are home bodies but id like to get out more and meet some new mommy friends


I got a cast iron and I was wondering what would be good things to cook for my 1 yo. Something easy and delicious

Temper tantrums

My son lately has been having so many temper tantrums. What can I do to stop them and keep him calm. Today he's had 2. (Currently in the middle of the 2nd tantrum)

When do I know when to start potty training?

I'm trying to figure out when the best time to potty train is. My son follows me into the bathroom when I have to go and I always tell him "mommy has to go potty" or "time to go potty" and he stands there and watches me go. I let him flush the toilet (well he tries) so he isn't scared of the noise. I cant tell if he's ready to use a potty or not. He doesn't t... More

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