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First time mama to a little boy 💙

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Teething help!!

This our second round of erupting teeth. We did what worked before. •Camilla teething drops •Hylands nighttime teething tablets •Cold teething toys •teething biscuits •Babyganics teething gel Unfortunately these methods have not been super effective this time around. Baby boy has about 4-6 teeth all coming in at the same time. He’s been sticking his whole hand into his mouth. Along... More

Baby finger foods

Kiddo is now 11 months old with two bottom teeth and 4 top teeth that are in the process of erupting. He still eats purées mixed with baby cereal. Finger foods he eats: •pancake •steamed peas •pasta •Rice •shredded chicken •croissants •puff snacks •coconut milk snacks •rice husks • finger nibblers from Ella’s kitchen All followed by either 4 Oz of milk or 4 Oz of watered down juice in ... More

New Year’s Eve baby

Anyone else have a New Year’s Eve baby? What time were they born? Do you celebrate the day of or the following weekend?

Birthday party dates

Baby boy was born on New Year’s Eve 2017 (in case you were wondering: at 2:06pm) Beginning to plan his 1st birthday party and now when I look at the dates, December 31st falls on a Monday this year. Looking to plan his party on a weekend and now I don’t know which weekend to pick. The weekend before his birthday or the weekend after? Possible dates: Saturday December 29 Sund... More

Sippy cups wanted!!!

Hey all! Kiddo will be 7 months old on the 31st and he his able to hold his bottle now (yay!) we want to start to transition him to a sippy cup now. Any suggestions? P.S. we DO NOT want the Munchkin Miracle 360. We’re saving that for when he’s a toddler

TV shows

We caved in. At 4 months we introduced TV to our baby boy. Are we terrible parents? Maybe. Oh well. It’s been done. He started off with Paw Patrol (he loves the catchy tune) and now we’ve moved to Pocoyo Which he lovessssssss bc of the contrast against the white background. That was until we discovered HEY DUGGEE!! We are both obsessed! They’re short episodes but it’s packed full of color... More

Zoo question

We just got an UppaBaby G-luxe stroller. We love it so much. But my husband and I started to get talking about the places we can go to now that we have a smaller stroller. (We have an UppaBaby Baby Vista -which we also love but doesn’t fit in a few places) SO here is the zoo question: some Exhibits have stroller parking outside of it. I do not feel comfortable leaving our stroller outside, so... More

Taking your car seat on vacation

We have a Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 car seat. From experienced parents, do you suggest we take the base with us or leave base at home? We are traveling to Puerto Rico in two weeks and trying to decide how much stuff we take (first time flying and going with my husband)

My son will be 5 months old when we head out for our trip to Puerto Rico. Can I use kid friendly sunscreen on him or baby specific sunscreen? Is there any real difference?

When my son was born he was 9.8lbs. Everyone including myself were SHOCKED. So whenever someone would jokingly ask me what did I eat, I always tell them CARBSSS. Pizza, pasta, sweet potato/yams, & fries were the main things I wanted and craved for (yes I did eat a lot of vegetables too) On both sides of the family (mine and hubby) no one was a big baby. All pretty average. which makes me w... More

Any advice on how to combat postpartum hair loss? The shedding began last week (currently 3 months postpartum) and its starting to upset me how much is falling out. Can not touch my hair without finding stands all over my hands/clothes. Getting a little worried finding my hair in my little ones hands.

Is it okay to ride a roller coaster after a c-section (6 months postpartum)?

Any good exercises for recovering c-section mamas wanting to get back into shape?

A little TMI but when does your period (after baby) regulate itself? I’m on month 2 postpartum and it’s a bloody mess. I don’t feel intense cramping, just really back back aches and acne. My flow is still pretty heavy (so far it’s 12 days long & I alternate between a pad and a tampon). Not breast feeding. Only taking birth control at this point. (Supposed to be taking iron pills and my pren... More

Liz posted in Travel Mar 08, 2018

Going to be traveling to Puerto Rico in June. (will be staying 7-9 days). Little one will be 5 months old by then. I’m a first time mom and have NO IDEA what I would need. Car seat? Stroller? What to do with a stroller, gate check? Will things be broken? How much is too much to travel with? HELP!!!!

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