Brooklyn, NY

4 YO and Accidents

Looking for any tips, tricks or advice... my very potty trained 4 year old has been having quite a few accidents lately. He gets too excited or focused on things and either forgets, or outright refuses to acknowledge that he has to go and then by the time it’s dire, there’s no time and he doesn’t make it to the bathroom. We’ll pick up on his mannerisms and recognize that he has to go and try to... More

Stroller Recommendations Needed!

We are needing to replace our Maclaren Triumph stroller. It has basically been used every day for 3 years, through all NYC seasons, on sidewalks, the subway, parks, and everything in between. As much as the stroller has been quite good to us, I had thought that maybe we would look and see what else is out there. From research, it looks like the 2 options for lighter weight, everyday strollers a... More

NYC - Looking for indoor Halloween activities!!

The weather is supposed to be wretched tomorrow! Anyone in NYC, preferably Brooklyn, but also willing to travel, have indoor Halloween activities that they’re up to this weekend?

Canine He%%!!!

Anyone else out there going through he%% with the canines?? My 16 month old who is usually all smiles and mischief is now a total hot mess!! He wakes in the middle of the night screaming. We give him meds, and then have to bring him to bed with us where he tosses and turns and thrashes about for an hour before he calms enough to at least be still. If I bring him downstairs and set him down, he... More

Formula Transition

Until 11 months, baby was EBF. We have fully transitioned to formula now after a bit of a rocky start (see previous post). But now I’m wondering if I’m giving him enough or too little. Any idea how much formula I should be giving at any one time? With breastmilk, he was getting 4-5oz in a bottle approximately every 3-4 hours. Should we be giving the same amount of formula or should he get more?... More

Breastmilk - Formula Transition Help!!

My 11 month old has been EBF until now. I’ve had some work transitions and haven’t been able to keep up my supply. This week, we will need to start supplementing with formula (I confirmed with his pediatrician who doesn’t want us to go whole milk until we actually hit 1 year mark). So we thought we’d take the opportunity to start him on it over the weekend to make sure that he liked. We did the... More

Any pumping mamas out there have a favorite “on the go” pump they can recommend? I have a Spectra 2 at home and a Medela PISA for work, but I am going to be traveling by air quite a bit in the near future and am looking for something a little more portable. Battery powered would be even better! Thanks!

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