Nashville, TN

Food and snack suggestions for a 23 month

My 23 month has not been eating well lately. I know she is teething and doesnt like anything but noodles and fruit right now. Does anyone have some good food suggestions on what I can make for her?? Oh and no eggs please. Thank you all in advance.

Straight to bed alone??...

At what age do you stop preparing your child for bed?? Meaning our daughters gets her last cup of milk at 7pm, then we brush her teeth and wash her face whenever she finishes, next we hang out playing or watching a show or reading to kill time before bed at 8pm. When 8pm hits we have everything cleaned up, TV off and it's dark in the living room where she will lay on the couch next to me or... More

Waking up from naps crying

My 21 month old takes one nap a day and wakes up from them every 30mins to an hour crying and when I try to comfort her she lays on me and still cry sometimes and other times she lays on me and goes back to sleep. Anybody else's child do this?? If so please give advice on how to hope. I feel so bad when my comfort doesnt help her. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

3-Day Potty Training Method

Has anyone used the 3 Day Potty Training Method?? Is so how often did you take your child to the potty and how long did you leave them on the potty when they didnt use it?? Any tips would help.

Breakfast recipes with no eggs

My 20mo. vomits everytime she eats eggs so we stopped giving to her until she will be 2yr, which our physician said to try again at that age and if it keeps happening to have her tested to see if she has an allergy to it. Anyway what great breakfast foods do you guys give your little ones??

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