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When did your baby drop down to 1 nap a day?

My 10mo old seems to be fighting her morning nap which is usually at 9:30/10. If I go any later she wont have time for her second nap to fit in and still be tired for bedtime at 7:30/8pm. Is it too soon to try one nap?

Looking for a (non wrap) baby carrier that is super supportive for my back and shoulders. Any recommendations? I have the Infantino 4 in 1 and while I love it, now that my baby is getting heavier, Im looking for a more supportive one!

At what age did you introduce your baby to a “lovey”? Im thinking of giving my daughter one but is it a suffocation risk? How did you introduce it?

Starting to think about transitioning my almost 4mo old to the crib in her bedroom. Right now she naps swaddled in a rock and play in my bedroom and sleeps in a bassinet in my bedroom too. I started leaving her arms out of the swaddle at night for two nights now since shes been sucking on her hands a lot. Any tips to transition to her crib? Should I start w naps, night time or both? Was thi... More

I have “mom thumb” 👍 aka tendonitis that I read half of new moms get! For those who have had it- what did you do to heal it? Im making an appt to see my doctor next week but in the meantime would like to get a headstart on healing it. It especially hurts during middle of the night feedings...my thumb was kind of “clicking” this morning when I moved it 😫. A friend of mine got a cortison shot a... More

How did you get thru the first few days back to work after maternity leave? I think Im going to be a complete mess!! Im going back to work on Wed after 12 weeks off. My employer is taking me back part-time 3 days a week and my mom will watch my daughter. Im so thankful and fortunate that everything is working out this way but am SO nervous and will miss her SO much while Im gone.

Any tricks to get my newborn to nap in her bassinet/ rock and play for more than 30 minutes? Her eyes pop open almost 30 mins on the dot just about every time! I try once or twice a day and then I have her in the carrier on me for her other naps bc I know she’ll sleep 1-2.5 hours on me. I dont want her to get overtired! Will she be able to fall back asleep on her own with age or is there so... More

I am returning to work from maternity leave in 3 weeks and my mom will be watching my daughter. Right now I exclusively breastfeed and my husband gives her one bottle at night which she takes reluctently. I want to get her used to taking a bottle easier and also not be so dependent on comfort feeding on me since I will not be around while at work. I need my mom to be able to soothe her too a... More

Whats the deal with cluster feeding? I have a 16day old baby who last night wanted to breastfeed every 20-30mins for 2-10mins at a time. This went on from 8pm- midnight. She would feed then pull away and fall asleep on me. I would put her down and shortly after she would get fussy and have signs she wanted to eat (opening mouth, rooting). This is cluster feeding, right? Forgive me if it see... More

My friends baby is turning 1 next month, what are some good gifts for a 1 yr old girl? She loves the beach and being outside. I dont want to clutter my friends house with just another toy!

Im a first time mom preparing for baby girl in October 😍 Name the one thing you couldnt live without and the one thing that's overrated/ didnt work for you. Getting my registry together and need help!!! 👍🏻

My first baby (below 😜) is used to getting alllll the love and attention right now. How did you get your dog used to a new baby? He's been great with my friends babies/kids, but I know this may be a bit different once he realizes she's not leaving!

Starting to get my baby's nursery ready, any tips or tricks on how to organize all of the baby clothes?!

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