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New Home Gift Ideas

My in-laws just bought a new home in Hawaii. I want to send a gift but I don't know what. They make probably 3x what we do, and our taste/budget is definitely not in the same range... plus I have to ship it or buy it online somewhere that will ship to Hawaii. MIL is currently doing keto, so that rules out a lot of food type items (fruit basket, cookies). I just want to send something sen... More

Silicone straws for kids

I recently purchased some silicone bendy straws for my large tumbler and I love them. I would like to get some for my kids to use but the ones I have are too tall and wide for kids cups. Does anyone have kids size silicone bendy straws? Where did you get them? (Please don't comment "check Amazon" - I have and I'm not seeing them. So give me a link or a brand or something more specific. Thanks!)

Has anyone ever hiked Pickett Trail with small kids? Any tips?

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