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One year old naps

My 16 month old has been sleeping at night in the crib for almost 5 months now with no problem. We still co-slept for naps though. Now, we are training for napping in the crib and one nap a day. I can't get her to sleep for more than 45 minutes. And lately, it's been down to 30 minutes. It's pitch black, there's a humidifier, I've tried different times, I feed her and give h... More

Going to cow's milk

My daughter has been really struggling with the transition (formula fed since 3 months). She's always fussy, is spitting up, painful gas, can't sleep well. So we asked her Dr and he said to try soy or almond milk. I've been reading on both and know that soy has more protein than almond. I just wanted to see what other's experiences were and how your LO dealt with the change and... More


Any suggestion of how to get a 1 year old to nap in their crib when they sleep in it just fine for bedtime? Have blacked out windows, tried the same routine as we do for bedtime but she still cries and doesn't want to nap in her crib.

Spitting out food

My 11 month old keeps spitting out mostly everything I give her. What do I do when she won't eat anything?

Multicultural and bilingual families

My husband and his family grew up in a third-world country. His parents don't speak very much English. Their theory on raising kids is that if they could survive in their home country, this won't hurt em', which doesn't work for me. And since they've raised so many kids, they really don't take any advice on what works for my LO. In my husband's culture the kids don&#... More

My daughter is a very active sleeper. She co-sleeps on a mattress on the floor because she will

wiggle right off of a bed and she hits her head on the walls of a crib and gets her arms and legs stuck and will wake up crying. She also crys occasionally in the night but just needs a hand on the back or a minute on our chests. I am in need of suggestions on where or what she can sleep in.

When your baby is losing it and is hard to settle down, and you start becoming upset because you don't know what's wrong, how do you calm YOUR SELF down? I just get swept away with anger sometimes either because I'm hungry, tired or stress or all of it and struggle to breathe in the moment.

My daughter has eczema and has created the habit of scratching. The patches have cleared up but the habit is still there. Any advice on how to get her to quit scratching?

My daughter is 9 months old and I can't get her to sleep in past 6am (she's been this way forever). I've tried an earlier bed time but that hasn't worked. And her getting up so early is making it so she still takes three naps during the day. Any suggestions on how to get her to sleep in later?

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