Cape Coral, FL

Motif Twist Breastpump

Has anyone used the Motif Twist Automatic BreastPump? What is your opinion of Motif products?

Cryzana recommended a place Feb 11


Great wet or dry fun! With three kids there was activities for each one: Wet splash fountain area, twirly play area, and a shaded big kids playground and toddler playground. Tons of seating everywhere not to mention a separate no splash fountain that is beautiful for adults and elderly to adore.

Potty Training

Please help! I can't keep buying new undies for my boy! So my little guy can use the potty by himself if he is naked OR wearing shorts/pants. Now here is the tricky part that I just don't understand..If he is wearing underwear he reverts and messes his pants (both 1 & 2). Any advise?

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