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Is it a good idea to let my kids play outdoors just before bedtime?

I am wondering if it will help them get tired out to sleep better or if it is going to make it harder to calm down to go to sleep?

Is the Hipseat worth it?

I have a baby carrier (backpack style) that did not come with the hipseat (sold separately). I need to return the carrier due to minor issue. Should I buy the hipseat baby carrier set or just exchange for the harness only? Baby seems to like the harness- I just don't understand the importance of the hipseat. Is there any "real" benefit to the "M" position or is it only ... More

Last Minute Advice

Hi, all! I'm getting induced for the first time Tuesday Morning. All my other kids were born on their own within 8hrs each shorter than the last. I'm getting nervous excited scared not sure of my emotions right now. So tell me any helpful advice or stories or suggestions, please! Thanks.

Motif Twist Breastpump

Has anyone used the Motif Twist Automatic BreastPump? What is your opinion of Motif products?

Cryzana recommended a place Feb 11


Great wet or dry fun! With three kids there was activities for each one: Wet splash fountain area, twirly play area, and a shaded big kids playground and toddler playground. Tons of seating everywhere not to mention a separate no splash fountain that is beautiful for adults and elderly to adore.

Potty Training

Please help! I can't keep buying new undies for my boy! So my little guy can use the potty by himself if he is naked OR wearing shorts/pants. Now here is the tricky part that I just don't understand..If he is wearing underwear he reverts and messes his pants (both 1 & 2). Any advise?

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