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Preschool Meltdown

My 4.5 year old started preschool last Thursday he was excited at first but today he had a serious meltdown!! I could not get him to calm down as we walked to school. He has not shown any negative emotions towards School before, I don’t know if he was just cranky... I’m extremely heartbroken. He was upset that I took his iPad away right before we left... could it have been just a temper tantrum... More

My 4yo is so picky to eat sometimes doesn’t eat anything at all.. I’ve tried everything. Any suggestions would be so helpful. Thanks!

Calling all mommies and daddies I need help! I can’t get my 4yo son to stay in his bed at night :( he pops out of bed and will beg and cry to get his way into my bed with me and my husband. We have allowed him a few times and tried putting him back in but out he goes again and in my room... my husband and husband have lost our time alone :( any advice? Thanks!!

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