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Maria posted in Behavior Jul 08

Physically aggressive 2 year old!

i have b/g twins, almost 2, in a month. my son is very pleasant and easy going, has been throwing toys and hitting more recently but can easily be redirected. Will stop after one round of redirection. However, his twin sister is having issues with being physically aggressive to a point where our friends are very hyper vigilant when they bring their small kids around. She bit one of our friend’... More

Diaper Rash Annoyance!

my 11.5 mo old recently developed a bad case of diaper rash. She has never had a rash this bad, if she ever got a little bit red, we would use aquaphor and within the next change, redness gone. i have been using aquaphor, a&d, desitin. Nothing is working and her little bum is getting worse! :( I’m beginning to think she maybe has a food allergy?! any other moms have this issue, what kind of... More

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