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Different formula to try?

My 8.5month baby hardly ever finishes his bottles during the day (but he does sometimes). When I tell people this, they always say “maybe cause he doesn’t like it?” I don’t think it’s because he doesn’t like it, I think it’s just cause he’s not crazy for formula like other babies and drink it cause it’s there. He drinks enough to survive :p He drinks Enfamil Premium now. My question is, if I ... More

Crying it out

With the CIO method, what happens when the baby starts climbing the sides of the crib and stands up? Just keep watching him on the monitor, knowing that he’s going to fall over and cry even more/harder? Or do I go in and lay him down on the mattress? I think I know what the answer is, which is just keep an eye on him and don’t go in......but just wanted someone to directly tell me what to do.... More


My 8 month son is still using the “newborn” pacifiers, where they’re round. I bought him new ones that are suppose to be for older kids (kinda flat and the bottom of the nub curves in), but he doesn’t like using them. My question is, is it bad he’s still using the newborn one? I know that pacifiers are bad in general or something, but for now, we’re still using them. So then, what age should ... More

Eating yogurt chips...

So yesterday I gave my son some yogurt chips. I would eat half of the chip and give the other to my son. He seemed to enjoy them, and APPEARED to have swallowed them but apparently not! The chip doesn’t really dissolve, but turns into a thick lump which I guess gets stuck on his tongue and sometimes he’ll gag and spit up a big glob of saliva. My question is....is this a sign he’s not ready? Or ... More

Daphne posted in Behavior Aug 21

Son hitting his head on crib bars

My son is 7.5months old now. He’s not crawling yet, but he can get on all fours (sways front to back) and also do commando-crawling. We have the standard wood crib, and I’ve also got the pillow bumper all around. My thing is, my son likes to mess around before he sleeps and he tends to pull down the pillow bumper and look through the bars. Problem is, he’s also bumping his forehead right into t... More

First time flying with 7month baby!

In a few weeks, we’ll be flying with our baby for the first time on a 6 hour international flight! Pretty excited, but also nervous cause I’ll be headed to the airport and going through security by myself (meeting my husband at the gate cause he’s coming in from another flight). So, of course, I have a bunch of questions that hopefully you wonderful mothers can help me with! 1. My baby drinks ... More

Daphne posted in Flying Jul 31

Anyone taken their 6.5 month baby to Iceland, or just have to been to Iceland in general?

Thinking of going to Iceland early September with our son, for approx 3-4 days. This will be our first trip on a “long” flight from NYC. Any tips on flying to make it easier with a baby? Since he’s so young, this mean we have to bring the car seat with us, right? So they have a safe place to sit in the taxi there? Any suggestions on things to do, places to see with a baby in Iceland? What ar... More

High-chair recommendations...

I have a 6 month son, who can sort of sit up straight. He’ll usually fall forward, so he still needs support. What’s a good high-chair then? Something not huge, easy to clean, I guess it doesn’t have to fold up, and are wheels useful? Hopefully also a chair that can grow with the child. And also cause he can’t fully sit up yet, do you think I should get one that reclines? Or have him keep prac... More

Bottle nipples...

I have a 6 month old son who still uses the #2 MAM nipples. He’s starting to get annoyed with feeding (starts eating but then stops halfway and refuses to continue) so I’m guessing it’s cause he thinks the nipples are too slow. I tried using the #3 nipples and things were going well again for a few days but then everything turned to sh!t cause he started choking on the #3 and also SUPER spittin... More

Heat wave and baby...

So I’ve kept my 6 month baby home, all day, for the past 5 days cause of the heatwave. I really want to take him out for a walk but worry about how much heat he can handle. Cause he can’t tell me and he doesn’t drink water! So how are you other mothers doing it? This heatwave doesn’t seem like it’ll get THAT much better, so I’ll eventually have to just take him out. I already have a fan on the ... More

Daphne recommended a place Jul 03


Really good food. Would suggest coming for early dinner if you have a baby who prefers to stay in his/her stroller. We were able to have the stroller sit next to our table, but if it was a busy time, that would not have worked out. Not good for large strollers though, as there is a step-up at the front door and one more inside the restaurant. Also, if your baby gets upset with loud music, then ... More

Bottle cleaning...

I’ve been soaking my bottles, after each use, in a tub of water and the Medela Quick Clean Breast Milk Removal Soap, and then rinsing and sterilizing afterwards. I’ve been doing this method cause that’s how they taught us at the hospital. My question is, is there any reason why I can’t just soak them in regular dish soap?? Should be fine, right? Thanks!

For all those receiving formula samples...

How did you get them? I signed up with Enfamil’s program awhile back and still haven’t received anything :( And is it “bad” to keep switching the different formulas with the baby? As in, feed him Gentlease and then once I finish that container, feed him Neuropro? And then switch him to Premium?

Getting rid of mosquitoes

Anybody know of something safe that I can spray or attach to a stroller that will prevent mosquitoes from coming near? Once those little bastards fly under the stroller hood, it’s impossible to get them to fly out, and I’m afraid of them attacking the baby!

What is daycare like for a 4 month old baby?

This may sound like a dumb question...but what does a 4 month baby do at daycare? Obviously they’re fed and they nap, but do they actually get one-on-one play with the daycare staff? Or do they just leave all the babies on the floor (my baby can barely roll over) and only really attend to them if they’re crying? Also, if your baby doesn’t have a set schedule of feeding and napping, would the s... More

How strict are you with following formula guidelines?

The container says dispose after an hour if baby starts to feed from bottle but doesn’t finish it...a mixed bottle can only stay out for 2 hours...do you guys follow this closely? Can I put an unfinished bottle in the fridge? Possibly even changing the bottle/nipple? Will that make it “cleaner”? What if I premix a bottle and put it in fridge right away...can I take it out after and let it jus... More

Sunny weather is giving me a rash?!

Now that the weather is better, I’ve noticed that I’m getting an itchy rash on my skin that’s exposed to the sun! Forearms, top of hands, along the collarbone, top of my eyebrow arch, along the hairline... Never had such a sensitivity before the pregnancy! Is this normal? When will it go away? What can I do? Just cover up forever???

Anybody else have a 4-month-old baby who’s becoming more and more difficult to feed?

This kid has learned how to hold his bottle when I feed him, and at times he’ll push the bottle away, and then pull it back in. Back and forth and back and forth! He’ll also eat in pieces, 1 oz at a time. And then he’ll gnaw on the bottle nipple instead of eating. It’s just all over the place! He hardly ever eats a whole bottle in one go. The only time when it’s easy to feed him is during his n... More

Daphne posted in Babies May 12

- What is your daily schedule like for your 4month baby? - Do you follow it strictly? Or, does it shift by 30-60mins? - What do you do if your baby doesn’t eat the whole bottle at his/her feeding time (like only eating 2 of the 4oz you have prepared). Let them to finish it, even if it means waiting an hour or two, and therefore shifting the rest of the day’s feeding? Or, toss it and they’ll hav... More

I have a 4 month who still feeds every 2.5-3 hours during the night. I heard that formula makes babies sleep through the night easier cause it’s more filling, or something. I feed him breast milk at 8pm and when he wakes up around 11:30pm, I feed the formula (3oz), but the Baby was still waking up as usual (2:30ish). I’ve only tried a few nights, but is this something that develops into longer... More

When introducing powdered formula to babies, some mothers talked about mixing breast milk with the formula. Do they mean they use breast milk to replace the water that’s suppose to be mixed with the powder? Or, make the powdered formula with water, and then add breast milk? Thanks!

For the last month, my son (3 months old) has been doing this thing where he’ll jerk his whole body or spastically turn his head to the side when he starts drinking from the bottle. He’ll also spit out the little milk he’s sucked. He seems like he doesn’t want it but then screams for more. Sometimes he does all this with a smile, and sometimes like he really hates the taste of the milk. This wi... More

I have a 3 month (but 4 weeks early) Baby who doesn’t have very good neck skills yet. I’m a stay-at-home mo, so often I’m moving around doing stuff. And because of this, I have my Baby in the Boppy when I’m busy. I’m terrible at using the Moby wrap and he doesn’t really like the baby harness. What are mothers putting their babies in when they can’t carry them around? My little boy favors turnin... More

Daphne posted in Babies Apr 10

Has anyone else read Wonder Weeks? And if so, does your little one actually follow their stormy and sunny chart? Apparently, my son (3 months, but came out 4 weeks early) is suppose to be done the fussy week (leap 2), but I’d say he’s still a little off the wall! He fusses and then cries hysterically. Sometimes cause he’s just SO hungry (out of nowhere, mind you!) that his whole body starts j... More

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