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Is it okay to take a multi vitamin while breastfeeding?

Feeding schedule

I have a almost 7 month old. I have been feeding her puréed food for a month now once a day. About 2 ounces. Whats everyone’s feeding schedule like for a baby that age and what are you feeding them?


My daughter just turned 6 months so I am going to start giving her purred foods. How much do you start off with? I have the baby bullet and already made some food for her and each of those containers are 2 ounces.


My poor daughter is 6 months old and she is drooling like CRAZY!!! I know she has to be teething but I don’t see any teeth coming in. Please tell me this won’t go on forever!

What kind of earrings should I buy for my 6 month old?

This will be her first pair after the originally earrings were placed while piercing.

Ear piercing

I got my daughters ears pierced about 2 weeks ago. How long do I have to wash the holes...still everyday?


My 4 month old has been sleeping through the night since she was 2 months old. Now lately she has been waking up 2-3 Times a night. I need my sleep back. What’s going on?! She is breastfed.

Breastfed poop

Anyone have a special mixture they use for poop stains? Can’t get them out of my babies clothing! I am breastfeeding her.

Sleep schedule

What does a typical day look like for a 3 month old? She wakes up about once every night if that so she sleeps great at night but during the day she won’t take naps unless she is sleeping on my chest. I need to start having a better schedule and her getting used to her crib. She sleeps in a pack and play at night time.

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