Houston, TX

Only child problem

So I took my 4 yo daughter to one of those jumping places. She wanted to find someone to play with and she asked a few random kids if they wanted to play, and with the exception of one younger girl, everybody said no. Poor thing, she was so heartbroken. She played with that little girl for a minute but eventually lost her. She later on was playing by herself at the playground with some balls. W... More

Brushing teeth.

I started teaching my kid about brushing her teeth. We started with just water on the brush and then i guess i made the mistake of jumping to real toothpaste but the kids type. I dont why she didnt like it at all. Eventhough was a bubble fruit flavor type πŸ™„. I went back to doing just water and she was fine. I then bought a training tootpaste which is floruide free and is also clear. She tried i... More


Anybody knows if there is soccer practice for a 3YO in the north side of houston? Thanks!


So I just found one of this soap packs like this. 😣. Im guessing my 3yo did it. I’m glad she didnt go any further 😞. Ughh I didnt think she would reach at them. Watch ur kids at all times please!!!

Looking for recommendations, i wanna give my 2 year old some vitamins, she doesnt eat well when she is with me (she stays at my aunts while i work) and i dont want her to be weak in this winter time, thank you in advance!!

So my 2 year old is into my ipad now... any recommendations for games or something she learn from? Thanks!

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