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Chelsa posted in Education Jul 11

Courses and continued learning

What are some classes you have or would like to take that you feel would be useful as a stay-at-home parent? Ex: CPR

Chelsa posted in Holidays Jan 07

Non Toy 1 Year old Gift Ideas

With Christmas just ending, we have too much stuff, but want to get our son something for his 1st birthday. Do you have any recommendations?

We are thinking of having our boys share a bedroom. Thoughts/Experiences?

We have 2 boys, a 5 year old and almost 7 month old. Our 5 year old for three most part is fine sleeping in his room. He will climb into bed with us 2-3x a week, which is fine. He will bring up sometimes "I wish someone could sleep with me like you abd Daddy." I had siblings, and my younger brother and I would sleep in the same room until I was 10 or 11, but we loved it and was a huge... More

Humidifier Recommendations

Our 6 month old came down with Croup and now is fighting off a nasty cold. We need to get a humidifier to help him sleep, but we've been through so many junky ones in the past, i hate to continue to waste my money on something that is going to leak terribly, have a lot of build up, or be loud/bright. Any recommendations?

Low Afternoon Breastmilk Production

Hi ladies! I work full time and my feeding/pumping schedule is 6am breastfeed, 9am pump, 12pm pump, 3 pm pump, 6pm breastfeed, 730-8pm breastfeed. In the mornings I can make 8 oz (some left over that he didn't eat) and 5-6 oz at noon, but I've noticed over the last 1-2 weeks that my afternoon pumping (at 3) doesn't result in much more than a total of 3oz. And then when I feed my son... More

Any recommendations on an affordable but reliable manual breast pump? I'll be away from my son for the first night for a work event, and I won't have access to my electric pump. I've seen good and bad reviews on Amazon about the Medela manual pump. Any recommendations from personal experience?

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