Sacramento, CA

I just turned into a new young, excited , anxious and (all the emotions there can be) mommy this year of 2018 ! so many questions yet I some how know what to do? anything to keep my little man growing safely­čĺ¬& always willing to share experiences and gain experiences

Teething ??

My one year old has one small blister in his mouth. Back molers are coming in but theres swelling around his mouth he cant seem to close it. High fevers on and off highest was 102 for 2 mins and dropped. His hands and feet got cold for a little . And supper drooly ? Is this all teething or is this something different??

Diaper sizes ???

Soooo, I went from nb all the way to size 7 . My family was laughing so bad over the holidays they said they've never heard of that size . But I did buy target brand diapers because that was the only size 7 they had lol. So my question is what size do I get now !!!????? Or do they go by weight ???

Infant carseat behind seats instead of middle?

I live in California with my 7 month old baby boy. I've always ben taught to put the infant seat in the middle of the back seat, but lately I seem to be running into families with infant carseat behind driver or passenger? I'm so confused, isn't that dangerous? Thoughts and comments please!

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