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Carissa posted in Sleep Aug 07


Ugh, my son is almost 8 months old...he is still not sleeping through the night, he seemed like he was getting close and now he is worse than ever! He used to sleep at least from 6-12 and then wake every few hours in the morning until we got up which was not perfect, but bareable. Now he is waking up every 3 hours all night long and then wide awake at 6 am...I tried to follow previous advice to... More

Carissa posted in Sleep May 29

Sleep training 5 month old

Tips/advice on getting my 5 month old sleeping better? He usually goes to sleep around 6:30 pm and won’t wake up until 11/12 but then after that he’s up every 2 hours for a bottle. He drinks tons of formula through the day and has just started eating solids once a day. I definitely remember my daughter basically sleeping through the night by this point


Looking for some information/insight on radon in homes? We’ve been living in our home in Hamden for 2 years now and the radon levels were very high when we did the inspection before moving in. We took the necessary steps to “fix” the problem at the time but it’s something that still worries us. We know that the couple who lived here for a long time before us both had cancer in recent years, and... More

Lack of support/ Unwelcome criticism

A few days ago I decided I didn’t want to continue breastfeeding my son anymore...he’s 2 months old and I just feel like trying to keep up with feeding him has drained me physically and emotionally...I honestly probably would have stopped sooner if I didn’t feel such pressure to do it. Ultimately the decision came down to me dealing with PPD and realizing I need to start taking some kind of med... More

Dealing with PPD

Been having a tough time doctor keeps suggesting starting me on Zoloft but I’m hesitant to take it for numerous reasons. I am breastfeeding my son and even though the doctor says it’s okay for him I just don’t feel comfortable with it. I feel more anxious than depressed even but I do get frustrated to the point of crying a lot. Just feeling really overwhelmed with a toddler and a ba... More

Breast pumps

Thinking about getting a new breast pump-I have an old manual one that I’m thinking about replacing...kind of interested in the haakaa, thoughts?

Baby boy names that work well in English and Spanish?

Having a tough time finding a name for our little boy who will be here in just 7 weeks!

Traveling while pregnant?

So we asked at our last appointment if it was safe for me to travel because of Zika virus (we were thinking Florida) and our doctor said it was okay to go anywhere! She said the Zika virus isn’t a huge concern anymore, just to use bug spray and stuff. So since this whole Red Tide craziness in Florida, we cancelled our trip and booked a trip to Riviera Maya. I was just looking at CDC website and... More

Maternity activewear

Can anyone help me to find some maternity shorts? I want black yoga shorts that come over the belly. I can really only find loose running shorts or shorts fold under the belly ... I want something tight and stretchy that will hold my belly in to wear to the gym. The only thing I can find remotely close to what I want is on zulily and it said it would take a few weeks to ship but I need somethin... More

Is this normal?

My 22 month old hasn’t eaten much the last couple of days but she goes through phases regularly where she will just pick so that didn’t seem too alarming. Last night she threw up a lot around midnight. She seems to be acting normal today...still not wanting to eat but being her normal self. I figured her stomach is still bothering her so didn’t worry too much, but she just fell asleep on the fl... More

What are some of your favorite baby products?

Expecting our second in December (a boy) and our daughter will be a little over 2 years old. Wondering what new and exciting things have come out since I put together our registry for her. I already put a binxy baby shopping cart hammock on the list and I’m super excited about it! Anything else that’s a must have?

Has anyone heard of this?

Just read this article and I’m kind of worried because I ALWAYS share food with my toddler...I’ve never heard of this disease or been warned by my doctor not to share food or kiss my daughter but I’m worried because it says 75% of toddlers carry it! Anyone have any insight? I’m doing some research now and will ask about it at my next doctors appointment. Just wondering if anyone knew about it... More

Diaper changes when out & about?

Where do you change diapers when out in public and there is no changing table nearby? I change my daughter in the backseat of our car 90% of the time but with a baby on the way I worry where I will change them when the space in our backseat is occupied by another car seat. Any suggestions? Also-is anyone else totally pissed off about the lack of changing tables in public places?

How did you survive your first trimester when you already had a little one at home? I’m about 6 weeks in and I am USELESS! I’m exhausted and nauseous 24/7 and I’m drinking as much water as possible but I’m lightheaded every time I stand up. It feels impossible taking care of my 19 month old when all I want to do is lay on the couch ☹️ I read that exercise would help increase energy but it only... More

Looking for help with my 18 month old’s diaper rash. She has had it on and off for months and has been prescribed special anti-fungal creams from the pediatrician followed by a hydrocortisone, Desitin, Vaseline routine for a week. On top of the rash being incredibly irritating, she’s scratching at it every chance she gets like when she’s in the bathtub or now trying to practice using the potty.... More

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