Salunga-Landisville, PA
Hilary posted in Behavior Apr 25

4 yr old power struggle

Constantly battling him particularly at night but sometimes throughout the day. The other night he says he wants me to brush his teeth in his room. I try to give him options such as he may brush his teeth in his room but if he wants me to brush it has to be in the bathroom. This back and forth went on for about 40 minutes. He would yell and at one point woke his brother up, so I finally caved ... More

Help me explain sleeping alone

For the last two years my husband and I have been taking turns laying with our son until he falls asleep. Well, we would often end up falling asleep for the night in his bed with him. Now we are trying to prepare him for sleeping alone.He likes his room we took a few days to let him know we were going to start sleeping in different rooms but that if he needed us we were right there etc. but the... More

Almost 4 yr old having issues w/ self control and impulsivity

It comes and goes in spurts but when it comes it results in a lot of write ups from Daycare and can become a safety risk for other children. We are able to work one on one with him when he exhibits it at home but sometimes nothing we do helps.

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