Roseville, CA

New mom

Have you found a gym with reasonably priced childcare for infants??

I know I will feel better if I can be active and get out of the house, but I hate that gyms make it so hard to price compare.... Have you found a gym with trusted childcare that isnt crazily overpriced?

how much bottled pumped milk to leave for babysitter?

Our first night out is this weekend (yay!), and a friend is babysitting. My LO (almost 4 months) is breastfed on demand and tends to be a grazer - she nurses enthusiastically for 5-8 min,takes a break, & eats again, 3 or 4 times. And many evenings she seriously clusterfeeds. She has recently started taking a 4-6 oz bottle of pumped milk (success!!) but usually breastfeeds also within a coup... More

What photo sharing site/app do you use?

I don't want to flood social media with kid pictures, but i want grandparents and close friends to have access to lots of pictures. Do you have a method you think works well? It needs to be both android and apple friendly, and usable from a computer browser too.

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