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We're a family of four (boy and girl) whom are just looking for fun things to do as a family.

Co-sleeping safety

We are currently co-sleeping with our 4 month old and have been trying to get her to sleep in her own crib without any success as she’s starting to roll over and do more stuff. I know that I can’t just leave her without anybody on her side. The problem is, I’m the only adult at home (I have a 4yr old son too) and I still want to get things done while she’s taking her nap on our bed. What do yo... More

Sleep issue

So, my newborn has a very weird sleep habit. She’s fussy and refuses to go to sleep in her bassinet or on the bed with us at night but sleeps well on daytime. I have to hold her if I want her to sleep or calm down at night but once I put her in the bassinet she’ll cry. But around 7-8 AM in the morning she’ll easily fall asleep for about 3 hours without problem and it will go on until 8-9 at nig... More

Hi fellow parents! I’m currently 37weeks pregnant with my second baby and wondering if anybody familiar or knows how braxton hicks syndrome works? been getting this inconsistent feeling in my belly for the past couple weeks that feels like braxton hicks syndrome. thanks for sharing....

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