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How do I teach my toddler to say “it’s potty time” or “I need to go”

I took off her diapers when she turned 28 months. It’s very tiring to always watch her and take her to potty. She sometimes grabs my hand and indicates she needs to go but there are times she won’t. She still wets herself at times and just doesn’t understand the concept of pooping in the toilet but I had to take the diapers away as she’d take it off In Front of people and pee. Please some advic... More

Potty training

My 29 month old girl is potty trained but doesn’t say, just uses actions and it works. What I want is for her to learn to climb potty using a tool and bring her pants down herself and possibly wipe herself. Become independent at least at home. I’m not sure if it’s all possible at this age?! I don’t want to mess up her progress

Erum posted in Sleep Jul 19, 2018

16 month old 💤 issues

I’m exhausted from my daughter not being able stay calm at night. I put her next to me on the bed and try to calm her by massaging her legs, head but she pulls away. I noticed her eyes closed but she throws her legs around and constantly bothers me by pushing against my body. She does this for hours. Even gets up in middle of night and does this, She sleeps fine in the afternoon. I’m not sure ... More

How can I teach a six year old to focus? How can I assess if she has ADD?

Hi everyone. So my one year use to eat with a spoon when she was near 6 months old. Cereal especially. She started falling sick and for some reason doesn’t even like the sight of a spoon. Anything approaching her in a spoon she smacks away or purses her lips tightly closed. Any advice on how I convince her to eat with a spoon? I got different kinds of spoons. Ate with a spoon myself in front of... More

My almost 13 month old daughter coos and makes sounds but she is not using any words. I am a little worried. My first child is very expressive and vocal. Am I stressing before time? How do I encourage her to use words? I read to her. She watches cartoon videos. We reply to her sounds. What else can be done?

Ok so I’m in dire need of mani pedi but can’t leave one year old anywhere. Any of you take you LO to get it done? And how you manage?

My one year old is a baby of few words ☺️ she used to say mama baba dada and then just stopped. She babbles with her older sister the most. It’s cute that with adults she only nods. But my concern is I hope not overlooking any speech delay? Any thoughts or similar experiences?

I think my baby girl gets car sick. Sometimes she is fine after having milk and then traveling and at other times she just throws up. It’s becoming difficult as I don’t have a laundry machine at home. Any remedies or advice on how I can stop this from happening?

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