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2yo can't handle organized activities

When I take my son to story time, gymnastics, or any organized activity he has no interest. He just wants to run around (emphasis on the run) and do his own thing while all the other toddlers seem to be having a great time participating. Since he's only 26 months, do you think I should just stick to playgrounds and free play and wait until he's a little older to do organized stuff? This... More

Jamie posted in Safety Jan 21

How to make paved area safe for play?

We are moving to a house with a paved yard. We're used to having a big grassy yard and I'm nervous about my toddler hurting himself. He's got a roller coaster, slide, and all sorts of little rolling toys he could fall using. Any ideas about something cost-effective we can do to make the area safer, or do you think being an overly worried mama and playing on concrete is fine?

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