Kaufman, TX

Married , Mother Of A 4 Month Old .

Connie posted in Diapering Apr 03

Diaper rash/bumps

Any mommies tried anything that worked for your little ones diaper rash? ive tried buttpaste & destin... nothing is working

Connie posted in Behavior Mar 22

4month old doesnt like laying down unless its bedtime..

My daughter always wants to stand or sit up but she doesnt have strength to do either yet... what can i do?

4 month old feedings

How many ounces is a 4 month old supposed to be drinking? & how many times? my daughter isnt on a feeding schedule i feed her on demand but im trying to start her on a schedule ... help a mom out?

When its a good day me and my husband like to tale our daughter to the park for a walk ❤️ she loves some sun!

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