Houston, TX

Baby #3

Im not pregnant. But we are thinking about baby number three. I do want more kids but now that my youngest is 4 and going to start school this year, it has me thinking do i want to start over after both boys are in school and i will finally get a break or will i regret not having another. What is everyone else's thoughts and opinions?

Workout partner!

Im starting to get in a gym routine, but alone, I've only lived here for a year and a half and havent really made any friends or really know anyone who has the time to go to the gym.

Summer activities

Im currently in between jobs. And in the mean time while searching for employment, I want to do things/activities with my boys, but also not breaking the bank, any suggestions?? Also I'm not from here so its hard to Google things without actually knowing the area/city. Thanks in advance!

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