Philipstown, NY
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CJN posted in Behavior Apr 17

Picky eater!

My son is being extremely difficult! The think thats most shocking is that he now wont eat some food that he once loved! Any advice?! Please help! Lol

CJN posted in Sleep Mar 26

How to keep 18mo from falling asleep in car in NOT napping hours!

A few times i just turned around and went home! I feel guilty waking him up! Any tips?

CJN posted in Flying Mar 05

Plane trip with 18mo

Any advice to make it enjoyable? lol Toys entertainment that aren't huge objects?! We are going to Orlando FL which is a 21/2 hr flight. Also, has anyone taken spirit airlines? I'm super nervous about flying. My parents bought the tickets and i appreciate/ grateful for it but people say this airline in particular isnt good. I'm pretty sure the only airline I've ever usedn in th... More

Brushing teeth 1yo

My son refuses brushing teeth. He used to take the brush and use it as a teether. But now he wont let me get anywhere close once he sees the tooth brush! Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Nose frida

Does the snot actually go in your mouth? Lol sorry if this is a stupid question!

Comfortable walking shoes for winter

Hi all! Any toddler boot brands that are comfortable and will STAY ON my little monster! Thanks in advance!

Winter coats issue with car seats

I've heard that you shouldn’t put coats on babies while in carseats. Last winter my son was in the infant carseat so I always bundled him up with the drape over the handle. Is it true? What do all you parents do? Thanks!

Post pregnancy pelvic muscle pain

The past 3 weeks or so I've been experiencing soreness in my pelvic area as if I pulled something. I never had this before my baby. Just thought I would see if anyone has gone through the same thing. My son is 9mo and this is just something that has happened recently. Thanks in advance!


My son is almost 9mo and still isn't crawling. Is there something I should do or am I doing something wrong? When we do tummy time he loves doing this thing ( we call it superman) because he lifts his legs and arms up like he is flying lol. He is very strong on his legs when standing up he moves his feet when standing. I just can't get past feeling like a complete failure! Lol

8mo peeing through diaper during the night

My son has recently been peeing through diaper during the night. He weighs about 20lbs and i put him in size 4 diapers to hold more. I've tried doubling up on fitted sheets so i wouldn't have to change the mattress cover everytime! I just don't know if I'm doing something wrong or what i can do to make it better! TIA!

CJN recommended a place May 16, 2018


I loved this park i brought my 7mo. I wouldnt recomend stroller for outdoor portion.. there are all wood trails. Maybe baby carrier? Its best to go on weekends when they have the stations set up. Also, there wouldnt be field trips that could prevent you from being in certain areas.

CJN recommended a place May 07, 2018


Beautiful playground! Definitely recommend!

My son 61/2 mo has been having issues with rosacea it especially gets worse after taking a bath. The pictures that are attached are at the worst. My pediatrician recomemded using 1% hydrocortisone cream when it gets bad and to use CerVe baby lotion on the norm but this condition isnt getting better... when we address the issue to him in office it doesnt look as bad as this... it comes in waves ... More

Hi All! My husband and I were thinking of taking our 6mo to the movies.. is that horrible?! Should we get our baby one of those headphones for infants? TIA!!

My 6mo son has no interest in soft foods. Any recommendations to make him want to try? Thanks in advance!

Anyone have teething advice for 6mo? I've heard horror stories about orajel.

I'm having work done in my house and for the meantime my son and I are staying at my in-laws[out of state] house while my husband is still staying at the house in order to still go to work and lately I've felt like I am a hindrance. I hardly ever ask them to help out with the baby. I don't want to ask for too much. I can feel the vibe that it's a bother. I purposely make a point... More

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