Plantation, FL

Replacement stroller tires?!?!!

Does anyone know where I can find replacement tires for my Graco Modes Jogger stroller? I have tried online on the Graco website and it always says that the amount needed is unavailable, I need two 😑. I’ve tried amazon and I can’t seem to find the right sizes. Anyone know? Thank you!!

Enid posted in Flying Jun 02

So I need help! I’m flying for the first time with my 11 month old son.

I have no idea what I should do to keep him entertained or how to make it as smooth as possible. Any suggestions or help from anyone will be great!!! Thank you!

Enid posted in Cute Dec 06, 2017

His first Christmas 🎄 😍

Okay new mommy here, my baby boy is about to be 5 months old and he’s 20 lbs lol. So I need a new car seat for him because his shoulders are getting squished together and his feet are just about to hang over. Do y’all have any recommendations for me? I really have no idea I have no mom friends lol thank you!!

Enid posted in Pets Oct 10, 2017

Okay so I need help. How do you mamas out there balance dogs and baby? I have two dogs that I need to take out for walks since I live in an apartment and I have my baby boy. I need any ideas or help. Like right now for example both dogs need to go out but my baby is sleeping. And I live on the 3rd floor so I can't just walk out. Any ideas? Thank you!

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