San Jose, CA

Mom to one daughter - she will be 4 in April - and wife to one husband - we have the same birthday. Born and raised in the Bay Area. Marketing background, psychology degree, crafting queen. Avoidant of social media although I use sparingly. Love time with my family, closest friends, and myself. Enjoy learning, creating, reading, researching, and making bets I know I'll win. I'm competitive, loyal, a great listener and problem solver, and a fierce defender of those I love. True Scorpio - passionate about too many things, believes sarcasm supports high intelligence, will go out of my way to make your day better.

How to get ahead of 4yo stalling tactics...

I'm looking for ideas/advice/words of wisdom/cocktail recipes to get ahead of 4-year-old manipulation tactics. Manipulation is a strong word, and I realize the stalling isn't vicious in nature. When my daughter doesn't want to finish a meal, go to bed, brush her teeth, clean up toys, etc., she uses hugs and kisses to delay/distract/avoid the situation. Moreso with me than with her d... More

Bored 4yo

Our newly 4yo daughter recently started telling us she's bored. All. The. Time. Especially during meals. This morning she barely ate because she was bored and wanted tablet time (didn't happen so she gave up asking and went to play with toys). She is the popular girl in her preschool class, whatever that means at age 4, and gets a ton of attention from other kids. For what it's wort... More

3yo Anxiety Concerns

Hi again, I'm back with another request for help/ideas/collaboration. Background info - I am a recovering perfectionist stemming from childhood trauma of my own, and I've lightened up immensely in the last couple years. Having a daughter has taught me a lot about priorities. It's also taught me that perfection will kill me if I don't make changes. Anyway, back to the main reason... More

Bedtime Chaos

Our soon-to-be 4 year old has historically been a pretty good sleeper. We have a Tot Clock in her room and she understands the colors and follows the rules of the clock without much issue. That is, until recently. Bedtime has become a nightmare struggle of wills. Until about a week ago, my husband handled bedtime, went through their whole routine, snuggly tucked her in with her stuffed animals ... More

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