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Mixed emotions after 20 week ultrasound

My husband and I just found out at our routine 20-week ultrasound that baby has a small ventricular septal defect between the heart chambers. It will be monitored further in case it doesn’t close on its own by birth. It caught us completely by surprise as our first pregnancy was straightforward for the most part. We already have a plan in place for the best and worst case outcomes (different de... More

Do any other Winnie parents go to library storytimes with their baby/toddler? We've gone a few times now to musical storytimes, and it's been okay sometimes and other times not really worth the trip. At some libraries, the stories and songs are not very engaging and it's too crowded. Other times when it's organized well, I can tell my daughter really takes an interest in what... More

Hi!! Any Winnie parents have suggestions/advice on how they transitioned their baby from three naps to two naps? Our 8.5 month old seems to be trying to give up the third nap, she skips it altogether if she's had a good second nap, but other times she seems to still need the third nap to make it to bedtime...

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