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All natural sensitive skin remedies

Hey there! My 6 1/2 month old just started Scooch crawling. And I’ve noticed since then, her face Isn’t as clear as it used to be. Not quite as bad as baby acne, but close. I’m assuming it’s just her sensitive skin being on the floor all the time. And that every surface of the floor is as clean as it should be. Whether at my house or someone else’s house. I don’t want to stop her from crawling ... More

Legit jobs

Jobs where I can bring baby, work from home, or even work super part time? Any recommendations?

Sensitive face

Any advice on how to deal with red splotches on babes face?

Mama posted in Sleep Jan 12, 2019


We currently cosleep, and I’m really comfortable with this. But I think we may get to a time where I’ll need to transition baby to her own bed. Any tips?

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