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I’m a stay at home mom with a husband attending med school 🤗

Advice for 22 mo daughter refusing to eat/picky eater!

My daughter just wants to eat foods like pizza, chicken nuggets/tenders, fries, bread, etc. When I try to give other foods she refuses to even try it. Do I just stick to what I know she likes? Mom guilt is real!

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Baby/Toddler towels are they worth buying?

Or do you just use normal towels on your kids since most households already have a lot of towels

Toddler cups for smoothies

I’m planning on making breakfast smoothies for my 18mo. Anyone know of a good brand of straw cups for smoothies?

Baby Registry

I've already added items for baby, but I want to add some items that would benefit me. The only thing I have listed is nipple cream! Does anyone have any suggestions on what to add for me?

About to have 2 kids. Any advice?

I have a 15mo daughter and I’m currently 34weeks pregnant with another girl. Any advice on tackling two kids postpartum?

Bed sharing when baby is ill

My 1yo usually sleeps in her crib at night. But sometimes when she’s sick, she doesn’t want to be put back in her crib and I’d be so tired that I’d just have her sleep on the bed with me for a bit. Does anyone else do that?

Baby has anal fissures/irritation

My baby recently got diarrhea and now she has redness and rawness on her bum. It hurts when we change her diaper and I usually just wash her bum on the sink because it seems like the baby wipes (Kirkland brand) would hurt more. I’m starting to really apply a large amount of Desitin on her bum hoping it would help soothe her as well as have diaper free time as much as we can. Any advice on how t... More

Getting rid of a stroller

What can I do with a double stroller (Graco ModesDuo) that I no longer want? I want to get a new one that’s more convenient but I don’t know how to get rid of this one I currently own.

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Baby wakes up when placed on crib

Recently it’s been hard to put my 14mo in her crib when she’s asleep. It’s a hit and miss sometimes. But man it’s getting really tiring 😰

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Baby wakes up when placed in crib!

I used to be able to just place my 1 YO in her crib at night after nursing her and rocking her to sleep. Recently she’s teething and has a small cold that she’s getting over with. Could it just be that she’s attached to me? Because my husband and my sister have been able to just transfer her to her crib when she falls asleep. My husband is guessing that it’s because she feels safe with me and l... More

Tips/advice on weaning 13mo while 5 months pregnant?

Nursing my daughter is getting much harder and uncomfortable as I’m getting bigger during my 2nd pregnancy. I nurse her about 3-4 times a day to take her naps and before she goes to bed at night. Any tips to stop nursing her?


Can someone give me some tips or advice to train my 1yo to drink from this cup and to do so independently? At the moment I have to hold her other sippy cup for her while she drinks and she won’t hold it herself.

Too much screen time?

What is considered too much TV for a baby? My LO is 12mo next week. I don't have the TV on often as she kind of gets zoned out when she watches Super Simple Songs. It worried me a bit so stopped turning on the TV so much. I only turn on the TV when she is super grumpy and there is nothing else that she wants to do. What do ya'll think?

Congested 11mo

My LO is in the late stages of her cold and she just has some phlegm when she coughs and some stuffy/runny nose. Any tips on clearing her passages faster? We already use a nasal aspirator to suck out her boogers.

Recommendations for plates and utensils for soon to be 1 year old

My LO has 4 teeth and can feed herself just with her hands. When I would hand her her plastic spoons, she'd just throw them around and she seems to do something similar with plates so we just put bits of food on her highchair and have her pick up the food to eat. I was thinking of suction plates to avoid having her throw the plates on the floor and what is the difference between purchasing ... More

Yay! No allergy!

My husband introduced peanut butter to our 10mo daughter and we’re happy to share that she didn’t have an allergic reaction! 🧡🥜


The past few days, my 9mo has been waking up almost every hour and a half or two hours to nurse back to sleep. Then she’s been fighting naps during the day and they have been really short lately, only 30-40 minutes. Her second set of teeth on the top center has popped out already and they’re still growing. She also been grouchy lately. I don’t know what to do I’m getting really exhausted and i... More

My LO needs to gain more weight

I’m trying to incorporate more protein and fat to my baby’s diet. Has anyone tried adding olive oil to their baby’s food as a healthy fat? Also tips for adding cheese? She’s 9 months and her second set of teeth are starting to come out. It sure if that is relevant but just something I wanted to share! 😁

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Sleeping through the night

My LO is 8mo and doesn’t sleep trough the night but is able to go down on her own. Has anyone had their LO sleep through the night without sleep training?

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Baby Wakes Up Crying

When my baby was younger she used to wake up happy from her naps and sometimes from sleeping at night. But now, she cries every time she wakes up. Even when she wake up not crying, once she sees me, then she starts crying. But when she sees someone else like my sister for instance, she’d be happy. She sees my sister as someone who often brings her joy and laughter because every time they’re tog... More

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Baby is sleepy in the AM

My 7mo will sleep at ~9PM to ~6:30AM. Then after about an hour, she’ll be sleepy again. So she wakes from that nap at ~8:30AM. Another hour goes by and she’s sleepy again! It’s ~9:30 and I spent the hour before that trying to figure out why she’s nonstop crying. I laid her down in her crib just so I can take a short break and now she fell asleep. Has anyone had this sort of problem? Am I doin... More

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My almost 8mo baby is super mobile!

Recently my baby started crawling and getting up on her knees with the help of furniture around her. When I try to play with her, she doesn't seem so interested in the toys or books I read to her. But once I lie on the floor, she just loves trying to climb or get on top of me. I'll even nurse her while lying on the floor! I'm looking up other activities I can do with her to help wit... More

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My 7mo is officially teething

I just finished sleep training my baby and now she’s recovering from being sick and then her two bottom center teeth are erupting! I’m a bit lost on what to do. This will be the second night of teething baby and I would do night time feedings when she’s wake up crying again. I don’t know if I should stick with the Ferber Method or what. I’m just kind of lost. Any advice?

Nipple Cream

Any good suggestions for nipple creams? I’m currently using the honest brand organic nipple cream. I was thinking of trying something new. I don’t really like the consistency of the Lanisoh creams that the hospital gave me.

E posted in Sleep May 11, 2018

Successful sleep training 👍🏻

I just wanted to share that I’ve been using the Ferber Method for almost 3wks to sleep train my 7mo and it’s been a success! I’m quite surprised by the results and if there’s anyone out there who needs help with their baby’s sleep, I recommend using the Ferber Method. Yes there is some crying involved, but it’s not a “cry it out” method. Definitely read the book on the Ferber Method before tryi... More

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Any suggestions for simple bedtime routines?

E posted in Sleep May 02, 2018

Has anyone used the Ferber method to sleep train their baby? It’s night 3 for my baby using the Ferber method and I have noticed that her naps are much better than before. Her naps used to be so irregular and short! I’ve got a few questions though: is it normal for my baby to cry a bit before putting her down for her naps? Also the same thing for bed time. Sometimes she’ll start to cry when I... More

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It’s gloomy here in CA and it’s making me quite drowsy. But I realize my LO also seems that way today. I started sleep training with the Ferber method yesterday and I just wanted to share that her naps have been a lot longer than before we started the training. Today will be the 2nd day of sleep training, and the naps seem to be going well. Last night I wasn’t too bad either. I went off in a sl... More

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This just arrived. I pray and hope that this book will help us! 😭

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Hi parents. My baby woke up 3 TIMES last night =.= she used to wake up only once but she's been waking up more often and I'd nurse her to sleep every time. My husband ordered the Sleep Solution's book by Dr. Ferber. I'm praying that this book will help, because it's starting to drive me a little crazy. Has anyone used the Ferber method and got the results they wanted?

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Has anyone tried some sort of sleep training where the baby sleeps in your bedroom? We live in a one bedroom apartment and I wanted to know if anyone was able to sleep train.

Does anyone’s baby dislike having their diaper changed? My baby was fine with it up until she mastered rolling over. Now she rolls around nonstop! Sometimes I’d distract her with a toy so that she can calm down. But most of the time, she’ll just cry and roll to her tummy. She prefers being in her tummy than her back. Any suggestions? Or is this inevitable and there’s nothing that can be done?

Any peaceful parents on here? 😊

My baby is 6 months old and I was wondering if anyone has some simple recipes that I can make to feed her? I’m breastfeeding exclusively, but my husband and I have given her a few things to try such as mashed bananas and avocados.

Is it normal for a newborn to favor one breast over the other?

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