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Lindsay posted in Siblings Oct 04

Toddler and baby sharing a bedroom? How the heck!?

Our boys (2.5 & 5 months) will be sharing a bedroom for many years. Not sure the best time to move baby in. Crib is up and he takes naps in there now. Seems like the earlier the better. But between bad dreams & potty training the two year old and the usual baby wakeups I don't know if it's better to just wait. Our baby may be 18 living in our any suggestions???

Lindsay posted in Siblings Jun 18

Looking for tips on juggling a newborn and my toddler

My husband often works nights and I'm having to do bedtime on my own those nights. My one month old is always up during that time (crying if not held) & I'm trying to get my 2 yo bathed, pottied and feel like he gets some sort of special time. Any suggestions??

Day #1 of the "Oh Crap" potty training method. What's been your experience using this with boys?

Our son fights us when we ask him to try and use the potty. I don't want it to feel like punishment but he just hates it. We aren't even given the chance to focus on rewards. Any suggestions? 0 potty in the potty today and 4 accidents... hoping tomorrow is a better day.

Lindsay posted in Behavior Feb 20

Our toddler is giving up his pacifier this week. Please tell me this phase will pass soon.

Night wakings, early wakeups, no naps, fussiness. This is a nightmare...

Lindsay posted in Sleep Feb 10

When did your toddler's afternoon nap start getting shorter?

Our toddler was napping about 1.5 hours each day. He's now almost 22 months and it's an hour if we're lucky. Wondering if this is a regression or if it's just a natural decrease that occurs at this age.

Suggestions for one car families?

Any other families getting by with one car? We've been down to one car for 5 months now. Just wondering how others are doing it, and if there are any ideas I haven't thought of for making this work. Thanks!

Adjusting to gym daycare

Attempting, once again, to start my son at our gym daycare. At 21 months I think more socialization and stimulation may be good for him. After two drop offs I just dread taking him back. It's heartbreaking how he cries at drop off and pick up. It's been a rough week. How long did it take your toddler to adjust to a similar setting? Any encouragement appreciated.

When to wean toddler off pacifier?

Baby #2 is due in May and I have a 21 month old that still loves the wubbanub. Is it better to wean now and risk a regression when baby comes? Or wean later and allow him the paci to help him cope with the change?

20 month old having nightmares. Any suggestions?

We bought him a nightlight that worked for 5 nights. He now wakes up with a blood curling scream wanting to be held. Once we put him back in bed he freaks out until held again. Used CIO last night but we hate that method....

Tips for handling whining in a 17 month old.

My son whines so much now. I know that he's frustrated that he doesn't have the words to describe what he wants or how he feels. How do you ward off whining when they don't have the words? Or is this just a phase we get through until he has the words?

How did you juggle being in the hospital with second baby when you already have a child at home?

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant and have a 17 month old. My toddler has rarely been away from me and it gives me anxiety to think of leaving him to be in the hospital. Family has proven to be challenging and I'd rather not ask for their help. I have until May but am just trying to brainstorm. Any suggestions would be great.

Tips for dropping off a 1 year old at the gym's daycare?

I'm a newly WAHM. Loving being at home with our one year old. In an attempt to go to the gym and socialize our son I've tried to drop him at the gym daycare. He really struggles with separation anxiety right now and the last gym attempt was a nightmare. Is it best to keep trying to take him or wait until some of the clingy-ness subsides??? I dread the thought of taking him tomorrow bu... More

Looking for tips on how to change a squirmy 9 month old. Changing his diaper and getting him dressed is exhausting for both of us. Distractions no longer seem to be working...

Looking for suggestions on keeping 9 month old warm at night. Just moved into a new house and his room is freezing!

Looking for suggestions on how to trim my eight month old's fingernails. I was doing it while he slept but we just had to drop his bed and now I can't reach. Any ideas?

Feeling down. Got 20 minutes with my boy today. I really need to find a way to stay at home with him :(

Tips for doing anything with a 6 month old? Try really hard to get him home for good naps every two hours but it's tough! I order as much as I can online & try & be ready as soon as he's up from naps. Any other suggestions?

A shot in the dark- Does anyone have any work from home ideas for a mental health therapist? Want to be home with my boy but every option I've found makes too little money. Thanks!

Any recommendations on how to get rid of a croup cough in babies?

Before having a baby I never understood why mothers breastfed. I was formula fed & turned out just fine, right? After doing some research I decided to try breastfeeding without knowing how much work was involved. This week my son had croup. I'd heard that breastmilk changed when your baby was sick. I am so fascinated after comparing milk pumped when he was sick this week (11/1) to ton... More

Mommin' ain't easy! Worked 10 hours, saw 8 patients for therapy, trained a student, met with boss, pumped 5 times (3 at work), lunch with husband (first time alone in 4 months), picked up baby from daycare, fed, bathed, nighttime. Now bottles. Today I got 1.5 hours with my son & 1 unexpected hour with my husband....& I will do it all again for those two. A shout out to all y... More

Any suggestions for nighttime separation anxiety? My baby wakes up screaming...poor guy. Working on a love object. What has worked for others?

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