Durham, NC

1 year old - How do I drop the last few nursing moments so I can be done with breastfeeding?

Hi - my baby turned 1 this month. I have been breastfeeding and pumping, no formula. A month ago, we started mixing in whole milk. She did great. At daycare, she’s now fully on whole milk - no more pumping! She does however still nurse once in the middle of the night (5am) and again when she wakes up (8am). How can we get out of this habit? And what do you give your >1 year old babies when t... More

7 months, soothing at night

My little one was a good sleeper early on. She could do 8pm to 6am, nurse and then go back to sleep. We traveled at Thanksgiving when she was 6.5 months. It’s got her out of wack. Then she got sick. Since then, I’ve been nursing her when she wakes up as a way to soothe her to go back to sleep. She doesn’t let my husband soothe her at all anymore...and he used to be the best at it. It now seems ... More

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