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Oh Crap Potty Training Method?

Hey! Our 18 month old was showing the tell-tale signs (dry diapers in a row, fighting changes, exerting her independence, showing deep interest in the toilet and us going potty including pretending to wipe herself)...we started oh crap! method on Wednesday. She definitely recognizes when she is peeing (she’ll say “uhoh!” If she’s not on her potty and holds it if you tell her mid-stream when t... More

18 months super clingy

Our little girl is 18 months and just in the last week has been SO CLINGY. She wants me to hold her all the time, despite being a great walker (and recently figuring out running). She wants cuddles ALL the time, and won’t go to bed unless I hold her first. The trouble is I’m 7 months pregnant and struggling to carry her around this much. Is it just a phase or behavior I’ll need to wean her ... More

When to switch to toddler bed

Our baby is 16 months and has a convertible crib. Just wondering when to transition her to the “toddler” stage. She sleeps through the night with only cry-outs when she can’t find her pacifier (separate problem) and sleeps with a blanket but no pillow. Our second is due Feb 1st and I was just wondering if it would be better to try the transition now rather than after the new baby comes.

Jennifer posted in Babies Jun 28

How to drop the bedtime bottle?

We are currently struggling to get our (almost) 14 month old to drop her bed time bottle. She’s down to a bottle of whole milk in the AM (due to our schedule to get to daycare) and the same after dinner but before bed. I’ve tried offering more solids at dinner, moving dinner later, and even offering warm water instead (thinking she just needed that suckling/warmth combo for her final calm dow... More

When to start potty training?

Our LO is 13 months and has turned into what I can only describe as a tiny demon lately when we change her diaper. She used to sit quietly and not mind anything at all. As she got bigger we *might* need to sing a song or hand her a toy, but generally she never even attempt to roll over. FF to now? She is literally trying to climb us to avoid putting on the fresh diaper. She hasn’t had any ... More

How to wean from pacifier?

Our baby is about to be 1 yo. She is already down to one nap, but she still relies on her pacifier to soothe to sleep. She also loves to rub soft cloth on her face (think a small snuggle blanket or silk square), but if she can’t find her pacifier she’ll suck on the blanket/cloth. Do you have any recommendations for weaning her off the binky? I’m struggling to brush her teeth at night becaus... More

Jennifer posted in Babies Apr 15

Help! Suddenly Clingy at Bedtime

Our 11 mo old has out of the blue gone from extremely independent and generally a good sleeper to a total crying tyrant at bed time. She has always been a relatively good sleeper and needed almost no sleep training (using the 3/5/7min method she was usually down by the 7 minute bout). Her top two teeth are coming in, and she just dropped to one nap at daycare (she was already 1-a-day at home ... More

Bra size after weaning?

Experienced mommies, please excuse me if this is a weird question: did your bra size change again after weaning your baby, and if so how long after? We weaned about a month ago in anticipation of the surgery I am now recovering from, and I’m wondering if it’s “safe” to go buy new bras. I have not fed, pumped, or leaked in 30+ days, and I would very much like to start wearing normal bras rath... More

ISO evening swim classes for baby

Our baby has now passed her phase of not liking baths (what was that about?!), and is now attempting to crawl around during bath time. I can’t blame her, she comes from a line of swimmers! Does anyone have reco for an EVENING or WEEKEND swim class? The ones I keep finding are during the day...not an option for this full-time office job mommy. I really want to start her ASAP...she is coming ... More

Which takes priority formula or solids?

When baby sleeps/naps through a feed which takes precedence? The formula or the solids? We are just over 9 mo and I’m getting confused what to give her...our doctor (Kaiser) does not have a checkup between 6 and 12 months if your baby has been on track, gaining steadily, and meeting milestones. I hate to bother the doctor (and wait the requisite 48 hour turnaround time) with a question I’m s... More

Jennifer posted in Babies Jan 30

Suddenly Clingy 8 mo

Our 8 mo just suddenly became VERY clingy. She’s been in daycare and had family watch her since about 3 months. Lately, if I (and even daddy!) put her down or even go just around the corner she starts reaching and cries great big tears. I can see her second tooth coming in, but otherwise there haven’t been any changes. Is this normal? What can I do to help her? I try talking while I’m aw... More

Jennifer posted in Babies Jan 16

How long do teeth take? First one is crooked?

Baby’s first tooth finally cut through! It’s enough to be slightly visible and 100% felt when she BF...but then doesn’t seem to have progressed (it’s been a couple weeks since the fever and first push-through). When should we expect it to be all the way out of her guns and looking like a real tooth instead of a weird white lumpy bit just over the “horizon” of her gums? Also, this first one s... More

How to start brushing teeth?

Hi everyone! Our first tooth finally cut through baby’s gums (though it isn’t all the way out yet). How did you introducing tooth/teeth brushing? I would like to brush her new tooth before bed to avoid decay, but I’m not sure how that will go—she normally feeds then practically falls asleep in my arms at bedtime. I’m worried that brushing her teeth will throw her off and wake her up again 🤷... More

Baby won’t focus when BF (7 mo)

Recently our 7 mo has been very distracted when we feed. For example today, despite it being 30 min later than she would normally be hungry in the afternoon, she only latched for 2-3 minutes then unmatched and giggled at me and blew raspberries. This is totally new behavior! Is she really not hungry? She’s too young to be dropping a feed for solids, so I’m not sure what to do. She just wan... More

Is this a typical sleep issue?

Our baby doesn’t seem to nap enough at daycare. Even when we have her on the weekends she also fights her naps (coming up on 7 months). She typically gets 1.5-2 hours TOTAL nap time at daycare lately, naps after feeding when we get home (~4/4:30), and then still crashes for the night anywhere 5:45p-6:30p. It’s disappointing on weekdays bc this means daddy doesn’t really get to see her except... More

Falling asleep on their own?

Hi everyone! We lucked out with an easy first baby (sleeping through the night since ~2 mo, not even a diaper change most nights since ~4 mo)...but she does fall asleep each night during her final feed. I know not to put her to bed with a bottle, especially once she cuts a tooth. How do I “wean” her from falling asleep at my breast each night, though? She’s very active all day and sometimes ... More

Baby hitting me during feed?

Our baby just recently started hitting my breast when she is feeding (almost 6 months) that normal? My overproduction has leveled out, so it’s not a hard let down. She does it randomly when she feeds, especially the feed before bedtime, and only stops if I put my finger into her flailing hand. It just seems very strange, and she is our first so I have nothing to compare to. This has be... More

Baby won’t eat solids?

Our baby is just over 5 months and very interested when we eat and drink, so we started oatmeal a couple weeks ago. She does great at daycare, eating 2 ounces of Breastmilk mixed with oatmeal. When she’s home, though, she barely eats a tablespoon worth before she gets mad and wants to breastfeed. I’ve tried staying in bed in the morning and having my husband feed her, but she can’t be tricked... More

It’s sleepy time not play time!

Hi all, we are at 5 mo and running up against a new problem: baby is very congested at night and won’t go to sleep! Lately she’s been SUPER congested, though with minimal snot when I use an aspirator or nose Frieda. We have a cool humidifier in her room that runs most of the night and put saline drops in her nose before bed. Lately she has been waking up and wants to play around 3:30/4a. Sh... More

Rolling to tummy while sleeping?

Today our baby has been consistently rolling from back to tummy during nap time, but I haven’t seen her consistently go the other way. She doesn’t normally sleep on her it okay to let her do this or should I keep rolling her back over? She’s just shy of 5 months.

When did on-demand feeds stop?

Hi all! We’re coming up on 5 months, and baby has been going longer stretches between feeds (closer to 3-4 hours some days). She is EBF (pumped milk at day care). When do we transition her to more of a schedule for feeding? She is just starting oatmeal cereal.

Getting started with solids?

The doctor gave us the green light to start solids once our 4 month old showed interest, and OH BOY is she interested. She stares at us every time we eat and tracks food while smacking her lips at us. The doctor said to start with cereal, and bland veggies, but I’m not really clear on what she meant by cereal. Is it like extra watery oatmeal? We were planning to do BLW, and she happily gumm... More

BF babies - When did you start solids?

We just had our 4 month checkup and doc mentioned we could/should start solids as we get closer to the 6 month checkup. She mentioned that breast fed babies usually do a little better if they start later. I thought I saw somewhere the new standard was 4 months? We have been EBF baby. Just wondering when to start. Our little one is VERY interested lately in what people eat, but she does not ... More

Working Moms - Life Hacks/Tips?

I recently returned to work and feel so rushed in the mornings getting everything ready! For example, grabbing bottles for pumping from the drying rack, topping off any bottles for daycare, packing lunch... while also getting ready for work (shower, minimal makeup, etc). I’ve found putting my laundry away on hangers in outfits has really helped. What do you all do to help make mornings go mo... More

Ouch! Baby drew blood! Now what?

My 3.5 month old just clamped down so hard there’s a tiny blood blister and a TINY spot in the same area that has blood when I blot it with a towel. What do I do? I have ice on my nipple now, but she’ll need at least one feed more tonight. I’m also pumping bc I returned to work—will that exacerbate things? She doesn’t have teeth yet but the little ridge between where her two front teeth wil... More

Why do babies fight naps?

Just idle wondering now that LO has finally succumbed to her afternoon nap. We’re only 3.5 mo, but she really fights nap time—she just wants to play all the time! We have a routine and white noise (plus NPR when she’s really resisting), but it’s so funny to watch her jerk awake trying to keep playing. Sometimes she’ll go right to bed after some wiggles in her crib, sometimes I have to keep p... More

Pumping incorrectly?

I recently returned to work—it’s only day 2. When I pump it doesn’t seem like much, but I can manually express quite a bit after the standard 20 min. When pumping it seems like my breasts stall—I have to re-do the “let down” cycle on the Medela on an even stronger setting than I start with in order to draw more milk out. Am I doing something wrong?

How did you intro real food?

My step mother is from China and they do not traditionally use baby food. Their baby breast fed and later just ate regular food (very soft to start ie overcooked rice, boiled veggies, small bites of shredded chicken). Our first baby is 3 mo tomorrow so we’re still a ways out, but I just did you introduce “real” food? Traditional baby jars, homemade, or smushy (like my dad/step... More

11/12 week old teething?

Our baby suddenly started drooling excessively the last week and a half, and she will not stop sucking on her hands. There hasn’t been any diet change on my part (she is EBF), and she previously actively accepted a 0-3 mo Avent brand pacifier. Now she’s spitting it out and going straight back to sucking her hands. What gives? Is there anything I can do for her? Her doctor said teeth won’t ... More

How many oz should baby eat?

I know there are charts for formula, but what about EBF babies? We recently weaned from the nipple shield, but I have a hard let down, so baby clamps down and bruises me sometimes. When I give her a bottle of my pumped milk (if I’m really hurting and can’t use the shield), she will just keep drinking! I think normally she has about 4 -5 oz, but with a bottle she can drink double and will sti... More

When can we start jumper chair?

Our baby is 10 weeks but has SUPER strong legs—she can scoot herself around with her legs on tummy time, and surprised our doctor at our last checkup. She loves to be bounced and often takes her weight on her legs when doing she too little to fit in a jumper seat (example picture attached)? I noticed most boxes said 4+ months, but she has good neck control and my arms are tired! She ... More

Wean off shield, baby always hungry?

Hi everyone! FTM—we finally weaned (mostly) off the nipple shield last week (we are 9 weeks now) and baby has been eating directly, but now she’s eating ALL THE TIME. She used to eat one side for 30-40 min and be good. Now she can eat 25-30 min each side in one sitting and still cry an hour after finishing. Her weight gain was fine at her checkup yesterday, but she’s been this way for almos... More

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