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Best car seat for shallow back seat?

The Winnie fam came through with a great recommendation for an infant car seat that fit really well in our shallow back seat. Our little guy has now outgrown it and we need a rear facing car seat to replace it. Ideally something that he can use for a while with longer term height and weight max, but number one priority (besides safety obviously) is something that will fit behind the passenger s... More

Any favorite baby bouncers / exersaucers you’d recommend?

My son is almost 5mos and we’d like somewhere to put him down for a few minutes to play and sit on his own. Also want to assist him in learning to sit up. He outgrew his rock and play. We live in a smallish place so something that has a small footprint would be awesome, bonus if it’s not a total eyesore as it will be kept in the living room all the time. Thank you!

Any recommendations of locations in or near SF to see and try glider chairs in person? We are trying to pick something out that is versatile to go in nursery or living room, and with a gliding foot rest. Hard to tell what will be comfortable online. Thanks all!

Does anyone have recommendations for the best infant car seat for a compact back seat? We have an Acura ILX and have heard reviews that infant car seats are a nightmare. We are likely to get a City Mini for our main stroller so would prefer something with an adapter to snap into that. Thank you for any help!

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