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Sarah posted in Child Care Jan 01

Daycare fees?

I’m going to be taking care of my best friends baby while she is at work for a few months, I’m not sure how much to charge her. I don’t want to ask too much from her, as she’s always volunteering to watch my kids for free but I can’t take care of her baby every day for free. Her and her husband are both in the navy so it will be about 8-10 hours a day 5 days a week and occasionally weekends or ... More

2 year old whining and not sleeping well suddenly

My two year old has been sleeping well, falling asleep on her own and in her bed for over a year now. She adapts to change really well as we have moved a couple times (military). I try to keep a steady routine, that was working perfectly fine until two weeks ago. She’s very whiny and wont sleep alone at night, she has a night light and her teddy bear but my husband has been sleeping on the floo... More

Toddler bed time?

My two year old recently figured out how to climb out of her crib. It’s the lowest it can go already. She’s really not mature enough for a toddler bed, I don’t think she would nap or sleep because she would just be playing. I also don’t want her to get hurt falling out. Should I try to keep her in the crib or just switch to a toddler bed? (It’s a convertible crib) she already has stopped nappin... More

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