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New mommy as of Sept 2nd!!

2.5 month old always sounds congested

Is it normal for my 2.5m olds nose to always sound congested ? I do drops every morning and suction every morning , humidifier at night but still sound nasally

Formula fed babies bowel movements

Formula fed babies; TMI question but is their poop green? I was exclusively BF but supply has dropped way down and since starting formula her poop is now a green color everytime. Is this normal? Should I be concerned?

10 week old grunting after feeding

Hey Parents! The last 2 days or so my baby girl will eat during each feeding, and sometimes not finish it all now? Also, the last 24 hours after she’s done eating she kind of tenses her body up and makes grunting sounds but the second I sit her straight up and pat her back over my shoulder she’s fine and goes to sleep. She ALSO seems extraaaa sleepy this week. Are all of these things normal o... More

Lip tie?

Hi moms!! Are any of you familiar with lip tie ? It looks like my daughter may have it but I can’t tell 100%

2 months

How much did your child weigh at their 2 month check up?

Formula feeding parents !!!

At 2 months how much did you feed your LO? And how often? Trying to figure this out since I stopped breastfeeding . Please help :)

Sleep training

Sleep training my 2 month old ! Tips, advice, things I should know .. your experience ? Dream feedings ?? Etc etc etc! Ready ... go!

Not pooping

Hi moms! My 1 month old has been having trouble for 2.5 weeks or so pooping . She used to go every single day then all of the sudden it just stopped. First she was constipated - so we had to help her go. Then it happened again so we did prune juice- and then again! Now she hasn’t gone since Wednesday. She’s not complaining or being fussy. But have any of you had this happen with your LO? And s... More


Thoughts on bringing baby to chiropractor ?!.... love to hear your opinions, experiences and why you took your baby there!

6 week old constipation

My 1 month old hasn’t pooped in almost 2 days now. (breastfed) She’s in pain 😞 makes grunting sounds when attempts to push. She has pooped everyday for the first month and this is the first time she cannot go (she’s 6 weeks tomorrow). This is the third time within this week it is happening. Each time it finally does come out it’s so thick and sticky like silly putty/peanut butter. We did a Qti... More

Car seat problems

My daughters just over a month old and still screams bloody murder when she’s in the car seat. Red face screaming to where I have to blow in her face to get her to breath and she is just SO mad and won’t stop. Then she puts herself to sleep after because she’s exhausted from screaming. Does anyone else have this problem? Or know why it may be happening? I feel so bad and it breaks my heart to ... More

Crying when in swing or anything other than arms

My daughter is 1 month and she gets so fussy when she’s in the swing or rock n play and will whine and cry. I know she’s only 1 month but I don’t want her to always “want” to be held. Any suggestions for getting her to stay in the swing or something else longer than 5-10 min? Without her getting so mad. I want to just let her cry a little while she’s in it so she knows it’s still a safe place a... More


My 1 month old hasn’t pooped in almost 2 days now. She’s in pain :( makes grunting sounds and cries every time she passes gas. She poops everyday and this is the first time she cannot go . Any suggestions ??

Bumps on head

My baby is 3 weeks old and has all these little bumps on her head. The back of her head is a little red too ( I’m thinking from being warm while she’s sleeping ) has anyone had this happen with their LO before ?

Laughing in sleep

My baby is almost 4 weeks old and since 1 week old she would sometimes laugh out loud in her sleep. This usually only happens after I finish feeding her and she’s nodding off (fighting her sleep) into sleep. What does this mean? and is this something normal that happens ?

Flying with newborn

Hi!! My daughter will be a month and a half next month and we will be flying to Michigan ! Does she need a passport to fly. For ID? I called the airline and the woman told me just her birth certificate and/or social security card. But I feel like she needs legit ID? Or am I wrong ..

No burping

Hi guys!!! So my baby is almost 2 weeks and she will never burp after she eats. She has burped maybe 4 times in 2 weeks. I breastfeed and my husband does 2 bottles 1 day and 1 middle of night . We hold her up for 30 min after feedings ... no burps!!! Is this normal? Should I be worried ?

Stomach ache

Hi moms! So my LO is almost 2 weeks old. I am breastfeeding. This afternoon she started to seem like something was bothering her; either a stomach ache, or gas, something !! She would eat for a while, and still cry, and seemed to be so exhausted from staying awake for so long plus crying then she finally went to sleep. Fast forward to this evening and the same exact thing happened! She ate fo... More

Cluster Feeding

My daughter is a little over 1 week and I’m pretty sure she has started to cluster feed this last day and a half. Can anyone fill me in on this topic ? She seems to be starving every hour or less! And she is definitely getting milk, my supply is WAY up!

Tummy time

Hi parents! When did you start tummy time with your baby? At how many weeks or months ?


Hello! My newborn has had crazy hiccups! Not to mention she had hiccups 3-5 times a day when I was pregnant with her. She’s now a week old and gets them so many times each day. Any idea why? Or how to help them

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