Pflugerville, TX

Two year old not talking

My two year old son has been in ST and OT since he was about 15-16 months old. He’ll say (and sign) “more”, and “mama” (I don’t feel he associates it with me, he just says it) and “du” for done. He points to what he wants. He’ll even get something out of the pantry if he wants it and brings it to me. He attempts to wave hi and bye. Makes great eye contact. Does good in social situations. Doesn’... More

23 month old won’t let me brush his teeth.

I took my 23 month old son to the dentist for the first time 4 days ago. Since then, he freaks out when we try to brush his teeth. It got so bad tonight, he cried until he threw up. He screams, swings his hands, thrusts. I’ve never seen him get this upset. What should I do? Yummy toothpaste isn’t helping. He didn’t like the dentist appt but he didn’t do anything like this during the appt.


My 2 year old son all of a sudden has eczema on his left leg and butt. What are the best treatments?

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