Lincolnwood, IL

I’m a communications professional and 24/7 multi-tasking mom. When I’m not tap dancing on my keyboard, party rocking in the kitchen or chasing down my little ones, I'm probably out exploring.

Kids say the funniest things

What have your kids said that made you laugh? My girls had me laughing out loud when we were waiting at a restaurant today. I asked them if they know who is President. My six year old replied, "Donald Pigeon." My three year old said: "Me!"

Do you compare your kids to each other?

I can’t help but compare my two very different girls (3 years apart) with each other- picky eater vs great eater, potty trained vs not, humorous vs serious. Each has positive and challenging aspects of their personality, but I wonder if my habit of saying things like, “your sister is helping to pick up, you should too” or “your sister keeps her undies dry,” will have a negative impact on them. ... More

When did you start night time potty training?

I’m wondering when is an “average” time to start night time potty training and I’m interested to know what worked to help your little one stay dry overnight. My older daughter didn’t stay dry at night until well after 5, so wondering if it’s going to be the same with my 3 year old who still isn’t consistently dry during the day - both kids started daytime potty training at 2.

How can I make sure my daughter is protected from the sun at summer camp?

My 6 yo daughter’s daily summer camp won’t apply sunscreen, which are the camp’s rules. I put sunblock on her at the beginning of the day, and also taught her to apply it herself. While she hasn’t ever come home burned, she’s majorly tan. Other than reminding her to apply sunblock often, I feel worried about protecting her skin from the sun (also paranoid because cancer runs in the fam). How do... More

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