San Francisco, CA
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Do any of you have their little ones in Mills Montessori School in South San Francisco? I got new job (yay!), and am considering putting my almost 2-year old daughter there for preschool. Also, thoughts on preschool at 2? Too early? We had a very nurturing daycare for her up until a few months ago. I’m also not sure how I feel about her sleeping on a mat on the floor as opposed to a pack-and-p... More

Hi Mamas! Where do you find backup sitters? I would love to find and interview a consistent sitter who would be available on an hour's notice to watch my 14-month old for an hour or two in the evening, in case I'm late to pick her up from daycare. It would be preferable to have the same person watch my baby each time, and I can gradually introduce my daughter to know and like her. My hu... More

What are some fun outdoorsy places in the city or in the Marin for a one year old to have a great time on a warm sunny day like this? We have already been to the Presidio Heights playground, don't want to venture to Golden Gate park or Mission Dolores.... any other ideas? Would Muir Woods be fun for her?

How is the Children's creativity museum for one year olds? I'm tired of Academy of Sciences... any other place for walkers but not talkers to have fun?

Any of you have terrible commutes to work? How is it like? Im considering getting a job in Menlo park but can't imagine spending an hour and a half in traffic trying to run home to baby

New to this app and it looks great! Any suggestions for good daycares for my one year old? We are on waiting lists everywhere it seems!

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