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Homebirth Stories

Anyone do a home birth? We did a birth center with our first, but seems like it might be an easier route to do our second birth at home since on call childcare is proving tricky. Good experiences? Bad?

Night weaning

My 10 month old falls asleep independently just fine, but we are still dealing with multiple might wakings where he wants to nurse. I’ve tried sending dad in, tried laying next to his crib and soothing in other ways, tried bringing him into my bed, tried letting him fuss for a while, but he can outlast my endurance every time and after a couple hours of struggle I just end up feeding so I can g... More

Crib to toddler bed

When did you transition from crib to toddler bed? We are expecting #2 and we’re hoping not to have to buy another crib. #1 will be 22 months by the time we would need his crib. However I’d much rather just buy the crib if the early transition is going to be a train wreck 😂

Am I starving my child?

My son has always been around the 10th percentile for weight (so a little skinny), but I just weighed him today and he has lost half a pound in the last three weeks. He’s very active. I know that can cause weight gain to stop. But I feel as though he has increased his nursing time and after the initial let down, there is very little swallowing happening. He doesn’t do bottles, but will take 1-... More

Megan posted in Pets Mar 14, 2018

Those with babies and cats: has anyone put a baby gate at the top of the stairs? Were your cats able to stick the landing going over the gate and down the stairs?

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