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Father of 3 unschooled kids, 7, 5, and 3. Engineer, physicist, adventurer with the gang of 3.

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12/18 Pantoll to Stinson Beach Hike (Leaving from San Francisco)

Hi! We're hosting a hike from Pantoll Ranger Station to Stinson Beach this Wednesday 12/18/2019. We take public transit up and back, and have a blast with it, There are, however, several points in between San Francisco and the Pantoll/Stinson Beach region where we can meet up, (more on that in a bit). The hike leaves from Pantoll Ranger Station between 9 and 9:30. We arrive at Stinson Be... More

12/16 Delores Park: San Francisco Playground Group

If you: Have a kid who likes to play on playgrounds with other kids, Like to hang out with other kids and parents Would like to routinely meet new people and kids while exploring a variety of playgrounds around town, Then meet us for our first playground meetup at Delores Park Playground on Monday 12/16 at 11 AM! We’re hosting a playground meetup at Delores Park Playground for kids ages 0... More

Looking for a phenomenal nanny in San Francisco

Hi! The nanny who has worked with the 8, 7, and 4 year-old here for the last three years has turned in her six weeks notice. Consequently, does anyone know someone who would like to work as a nanny with three unschooling, pretty free-range kids in the San Francisco area? The job will be centered in town, but the kids range out to Oakland, Stinson Beach, Mare Isalnd, and other places of inter... More

antigrav_kids recommended a place Jun 08


Oh my gosh! This place is gorgeous, and a joy to hangout in! The bathrooms are huge, and clean. The book selection is ample. And the seating is very, very plush.

We Saw Bears!!!

Also, the kids setup the whole campsite on their own! Mendocino Forrest is gorgeous!

Find the Most out of the way Campgrounds

We're aobut to head out on our yearly two week camping trip! We use a pretty cool app for finding camping sites called ParkAdvisor.  It shows all the private and government owned campsites in any area, including a huge number of them we never would have found, but loved.  Many of the campsites we wound up in were an hour or so up ever narrowing, apparently deserted, dirt roads through the m... More

Comix Experience Youth Graphic Novel Club

As if there weren't already enough good reasons to go to the club: Great comic books Talks with authors and artists of said books There's also a really cush place for families to hang during the monthly meeting down the road at Vinyl! :)

Dads & Moms and Teamwork

There's a mom & dad that are tag teaming their 3 & 1 year-old on our flight, & it's adorable! The dad managed to get seated in a row with the two kids, the mom stayed further back. The kids are super adorbs & the mom's taking each them for walks when she can. Meanwhile, the dad's hanging out with the other kid (kids when the seatbelt sign's on). It's super-fun to see all the teamwork!

antigrav_kids recommended a place May 16


Gorgeous campground alongside the Pecod River with a playground and excellent WiFi.

Dolores park WiFi

Parents who want to hit the playground with their kids and maybe work a little: the signal at Dolores is awesome! Brought to you by said signal :)

Spring at the Alemany Farmers Market!

This is my favorite time of year here! We don't have heirloom tomatoes yet, but we will soon, because we got cucumbers in the last few weeks! Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches! Yum! Also, the Chinese broccoli is incredible right now!

Mother's Day Brunch at the Palace

Partners of Moms! If you're so inclined, the Palace downtown is accepting reservations for Mother's Day Brunch. The brunch is buffet style this year, and the location is easily accessible by BART. The building is gorgeous. I haven't tried the brunch yet. Spoiler trivia: You may want to watch "The Game" with Michael Douglas before heading out to brunch.

Archival Clothes? #Throwback

Parents, if you're holding onto your kids baby clothes, maybe don't feel so silly, maybe they're for your grandkids😊 My dad held onto my clothes. He's been sending them to us, and the 8, 6, & 4 y.o. gang here love them! It appears they lasted forever in part because my mom was big on preemptive clothing maintenance, check out those ironed in patches!

antigrav_kids recommended a place Feb 10


This place is awesome! It has character and sushi that's affordable! The people that run the place are also very, very nice! We phoned in a carryout order from Mission Playground, picked it up, and ate it with the kids.

antigrav_kids recommended a place Jan 14


Excellent playground in Central Park. The 7 y.o. here gives the concrete slides a thumbs up. Enough space to run around, a bridge, and a tire swing are the other cool bits. The gate had been fixed.

Mayor's Housing and Community Dev Conversation in Excelsior

The Mayor's office for Housing and Community Development is hosting a conversation in the Excelsior neighborhood next week at Balboa High School from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Food and child watch will be provided.

Art Projects at the Disney Family Museum

The Disney Family Museum has art projects for kids throughout the holidays! From 10 to noon, they have Artists' Playground for kids 3 to 6, and from 1 to 3 they have Artists' studio for kids 7 and up, (they're not really picky about the age of kids in either session thought). The classes are today (12/22), and tomorrow (12/23), and then the day after christmas ending on and includin... More

Make ornaments downtown

There's an ornament making table near the Peets in Capital One Bank at the corner of Post and Kearney!

Free Fancy Xmas Experience!

Got a MUNI pass and an hour or two to kill? Hop on the cable car at California and Drumm, (you know, the stop where there's never a line). Ride up California to one stop beyond Powell, hop off, head to the northeast corner of the intersection, and head into the Fairmont! There's a gingerbread house in the lobby that kids can walk through! There's also a huge Xmas tree! There... More

Nibbles and drinks while Shopping

One of my favorite holiday traditions is my partner and I stealing the time to spoil ourselves a little with nibbles and drinks that we normally wouldn’t splurge on.  It’s kind of our holiday gift to ourselves. I recently mentioned some the local places we love to shop around town. Here are the local places we’ve found that have spectacular treats for mid-shopping breaks. Downtown Cheap, but ... More

Free holiday hangout

The Presidio officer's club has there holiday decorations out if you're looking for somewhere pleasant place to sit and write holiday cards!

Pratt Street Ale House, Baltimore, Maryland

The Pratt Ale House? Yep, kid friendly. Dad friendly too. They have chicken tenders, they have pretzels with cheese sauce, they have really good beer! My favorite was the Three Lions, a hefty darker sort of beer. We hit the place twice. The first time, we received a free coupon for my next beer when we stopped by again. Talk about marketing to your audience. The second visit is always n... More

Fun in the city, any city :)

The bicycle racks in Baltimore are every but as fun to climb on as the ones in San Francisco!


Turns out Sam Francisco stop sign climbing translates perfectly to Baltimore rope climbing! Also, there's a nice unintended playground at the corner of University & Calvert :)

AlienCon here we come!!!

Walked to Balboa BART, then around the airport, and now we're on our way to Baltimore!!! Three days of staying with Uncle Timmie and hanging out at AlienCon!!!

SFO Air trains broken

Headed to SFO with kids today? At the moment the air trains are broken, so maybe leave early for the walk around the airport to Terminal 1. (Supposedly the parking shuttles will also do the trick.(

Free ice cream for costumed kids at Swensen's

Swensen's ice cream on the corner of Hyde and Union in San Francisco is giving free ice cream to kids who turn up in costume today! It's super-easy to get up there via public transit from downtown. You can take either the cable car or the 45.

antigrav_kids recommended a place Oct 04, 2018


I wanted to brag on this place again as a handy travel tip. In addition to their super-good, super-cheap lunches, they also always have chicken tikka masala and saag available for carryout in the back of the restaurant (same as the lunch carryout, also cheap). I'm picking up some of each on my way back from the Oakland airport. Also, great with kids. First question I was asked on my way in... More

antigrav_kids recommended a place Oct 04, 2018


I was lucky enough to attend a book launch party here in Tuesday for "Girl Squads 20 FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS THAT CHANGED HISTORY" by Sam Maggs , (an awesome book for kids and adults by the way). The shop is bright and open and pleasant! The folks that work there are so nice (I meet Leeia and Amy)! If your in need if a romance novel in LA, this would be my first recommendation. Even better... More

Kids' Hike from Pantoll Campground to Stinson Beach 10/5

Apologies for not posting this earlier, but if you miss this one, there will be another hike in two weeks. Did you know you're only a bus ride away from gorgeous forests? This meetup is a bi-weekly hike for homeschoolers/unschoolers or any kids 0-12 in the Bay/Marin/Sausalito area on hike days, (even if you're just in town that day, please feel free to join). The hike is from PanToll... More

antigrav_kids recommended a place Aug 11, 2018


Clean station. Ticket Marines for MTA are downstairs to the left of yours having the information desk. There's a nice breastfeeding space courtesy of Amtrak.

Motherhood in the Age of Fear

Incredibly sad and terrifying at the same time. If only we could get rid of a lot of laws and start being decent to each other again.

Pantoll Campground and Dipsea Trail

If you're looking for a great place to camp or hike a short drive (or bus ride, 2 hours, but there's an awesome coffee shop in the middle), check out Pantoll Campground and the Dipsea Trail down to Stinson Beach.

antigrav_kids recommended a place Jul 20, 2018


This place is delightful! Sadly it's closed on the weekends. If you do happen to be downtown with kids on a weekday though, this is a great hangout to grab a mocha for yourself, a bagel with cream cheese for the kids, and maybe catch up on a little reading or coloring or workbooking. There's lots of seating upstairs. The calm jazz music and the incredibly chill atmosphere are perfect!

Tuchuck Campground near Polebridge, MT

As I was fishing along the shore of Tuchuk Creek, I heard Maya, our dog, bark, and looked up to see a hiker crossing the small bridge above me. Our map didn’t have detailed information about the area, so I wandered up to the road to introduce myself, perhaps the hiker was more familiar with the area than I. “Hi! I have a question for you!” “Oh hi! Sorry for spooking your dog!” “No problem... More

Kinney Camp (sort of), Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, Nevada

My partner and I along with the gang—7 y.o. No. One, 5 y.o. No. Two, and 3 y.o. No. Three—spent the second day of our Sheldon expedition at what was supposed to be Kinney Camp, but perhaps wasn't. Internet pictures of Kinney Camp feature the scattered ruins of old stone houses. There decidedly weren't any where we wound up. Still, it was a nice place to kill a day. For logistical r... More

Yum, yum, YUM! Heirloom Tomato Season in SF!

Just in case you didn't know, the heirloom tomatoes from farms near San Francisco are incredible, and they're back in season! My favorites come from Alemany Farmers' Market, (I wouldn't reveal this except we get over there at 5:45 most Saturday mornings, so I think our stash is safe.) One of the kids here loves them sliced on tomato and cream cheese sandwiches! When we can get... More

Catnip Reservoir, Sheldon Wildlife Refuge, Nevada

We—my partner and I, with the gang, 7 y.o. No. One, 5 y.o. No. Two, 3 y.o. No. Three, and our 11 y.o. Labrador/Shepherd mix dog— spent our first night at the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge at Catnip Reservoir. The reservoir and its resident avian conglomeration are gorgeous! We saw Canadian geese, wood ducks, and sandhill cranes. (OK, I didn’t just see sandhill cranes, I was loudly escorte... More

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