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Constipated toddler

My 2 year old has been constipated for about a week now. I've feed him prunes every morning and the past few days, I've added miralax to it. Nothing seems to work. It's heartbreaking watching him struggle and shake, red-faced trying to poop - very little to nothing comes out. Today my husband brought home suppositories. I first tried the solid ones and he was not having it. I then t... More

Tiffanie posted in Sleep Jan 01

Days and nights flipped

I'm hoping i can get some advice. My son is up all night and sleeps all day. This has been happening on and off most of his life, he turns 2 next month. I'm a SAHM so i really wasn't too concerned with his schedule, as long as he was getting good sleep. It only takes a later nap or skipping a nap to get him on this crazy schedule. Bringing him back to a "normal" schedule i... More

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