Linden, NJ

15 month old not eating

What can we do?!! Our 16 month old was an amazing eater until a few days ago he just has breakfast yogurt around noon and that’s it does not want to eat at all. Anything we can give as supplement or anything to boost his appetite? Picture for attention


Good Morning parents. I need some help what is good for teething. We need something ASAP for our little guy he is suffering. We do the frozen toys for him but nights and evenings it gets worse and he doesn’t want to eat. Help please. Thank you Photo for some attaention

At my ends HELP!!!

Alright so I have posted on here before about my 13 month old sons and his sleeping. Well it’s worse now for a week. He takes a nap at 12:30-3pm. And does not go to sleep till 9-9:15. And wakes up at 2:30am and will not go back to sleep. I find this insane because he won’t sleep till 12-12:30pm for his nap. Is there a solution to this or do I have a child that hates sleep? Anything we can do? ... More

My son won’t leave my hip😣

Okay I don’t know what to do. I recently became unemployed which sucks. So we decided that our 13 month old will stay with me at home so we can save on a babysitter. Well, when he was born I was a stay at home mom for 5 months total and it was a tough separation when I went back to work In December. My son would never leave me alone, meaning I constantly had to carry him and I couldn't even... More

I’m desperate for help

I know I wrote before but seemed like this sleep thing was great for one day. Today he has been up since 6am still no nap he has been in his crib now 1 hour and crying I can’t carry him around he’s a heavy boy and I have arm problems. What am I to do he needs a nap because if he doesn’t now he won’t get one till bed time at 7pm

Sleepless Nights 🙏🏻

Hello Fellow Parents. I am a mommy to a 13 month old baby boy. He lately barely sleeps through the nights. What can we do to solve the problem at hand. He has always been a great sleeper through the night lately now about 1.5 months he goes down by 9:45-10 after bath routine and bottle and is up in the matter of a few hours. We have not changed anything m among routine wise it is all same and... More

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