Tiffin, OH

Should I be concerned?

These red pinpoint dots showed up today on only one arm. They are NOT raised...seems to be under skin. Not bothering him, not itchy,..I noticed & im concerned. He’s taking a nap but when he wakes up I will see if they have left or still there.

Erin posted in Sleep Feb 21

Teething & waking up early?

So my LO is 15 months. He is a GREAT sleeper...on the regular he sleeps from 9:30p-9:30a. However...he’s teething right now with molars. Chewing on hands, drool everywhere & soaking bibs...& he’s been waking up early (between 4a-6a) for the past week. I give him Motrin before bed & seems to give relief for a bit. When he wakes up he won’t lay back in crib...I will let him sleep on m... More

Gags on food

So my almost 1 yo loves to eat. I still purée his foods & im trying to introduce him to solids a little bit at a time. However,..he seems to either have a very high gag reflex or not chewing (what I’m giving him is always broken down into little pieces) but if he gets a piece of food stuck on back of tongue he will start gagging & then usually throw up. Is this kinda normal across the b... More

1st birthday party coming up

So I’m driving myself insane thinking on how to decorate my sons birthday party. Literally I know that he won’t remember it...this is more for my satisfaction, however my anxiety tells me to decorate to satisfy others. I definitely don’t want it bare...but I rented a big room & I want it to look cute. I don’t know if I necessarily want a “themed” party...but maybe I could just do a jumble o... More

When did your LO say mamma?

My LO is now 10 months and still not saying mamma. He says dadda, lala, squeals, whines,...& talks in baby language,..but no mamma yet.

Erin recommended a place Aug 26, 2018


LOVE ❤️ this park! Has a great park feel, safe, kid friendly to all ages & especially equipped for children with disabilities. The playground floor is made of rubber. Shade over a lot of the equipment, slides close to ground for smaller children. The teeter totter has four seats & a family can enjoy the fun together.

Erin reviewed a place Aug 26, 2018


Good park but just a small area for babies. Basketball court, restrooms, ball field.

Any stay at home moms near me that would like to get together?

Looking for a new mom friend or two. Maybe get together with kids during the week once or twice a month.

Rolling over.

My 6month old is now in full force rolling from back to belly...but doesn’t roll back over which is making nap time impossible. Flip him over to back & instantly he rolls to belly, kicking & yelling & just laying his face flat down. At 4am he rolled to belly & turned head sideways & slept rest of the night. Tried nap time again today...onto his belly & just face down &am... More

Erin posted in Sleep Mar 22, 2018

I’m trying to transition my 4 month into his crib from sleeping in his rock n play...however it’s not going well. I’m thinking that it’s his hands. While in the rock n play his hands are snuggled close, but when in the crib they fall to his side & it startles him awake. I know this is going to be a process of long sleepless nights (which I’m not looking forward to) but does anyone have any ... More

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