Sugar Hill, GA

Lover of books, museums and my 5 babies. Ex New Yorker living South of the Mason Dixon line

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Daughter hates leaving the house

So, I just started driving (long story) in order to take my son to summer school. I take my husband to catch the bus to work, my son to school, and then later pick up my son then husband. But the problem is my daughter throws a tantrum any time we have to leave the house. We tried waking her up a while before we have to leave. We ensure she has breakfast. But at the blink of an eye she will sa... More

Can you talk some sense into me?

My twins turn 4 tomorrow and I’m sad. I’m feeling nostalgic and mildly weepy and very “put on some Celine Dion and let me cry by the window.” I don’t know if it’s because kids grow so fast and I’m missing my babies. My older kids are 15,13 and 10. So maybe it’s because I know how it is when your kids no longer need you and they become they’re own people. I can’t pinpoint it. But I just hav... More

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