Colorado Springs, CO

I have a 1 year old daughter👩‍👧

Allergy relief?

My one year old broke out in hives because I gave her orange juice for the first time the night before last I’ve given her Benadryl twice one last night and one this afternoon plus oatmeal bathing her symptoms are the same is this normal?

Teething remedies

My daughter just turned 1 last month and only has 2 bottom teeth but she’s teething like crazy because her top 4 teeth her coming in and I DONT want to give her any Tylenol just because so what should I do that can make her fever go down?

Solid foods

My daughter turns 1 in 2 days and only have 2 teeth! Is this normal ha she can eat anything as long as I cut it up real good but what kind of solid food snacks should I give to a 1 year old with only 2 teeth?


My daughter turns 1 in a week and she still can’t walk! She can walk while holding onto to something but when I try to use the walker she just sits🙂 I know they learn on their own but what ways can help beginner toddlers learn how to walk?

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