Lake Worth, FL

Air travel tips

We have a trip coming up in a couple of months, and I was wondering if anyone had some tried and true methods of making air travel with a 1 yr old as smooth as possible? Dealing with TSA? On the plane? Calming baby? Ect...

Baby time

I’m a stay at home dad, I try to keep up with the house chores while the baby sleeps, but it not always possible, and sometimes I feel bad about leaving the baby in the play pen so I can sweep and mop the floors. I feel like I should be entertaining or doing more activities with him. Is it normal to feel this way? And is ok to leave the baby in the play pen for brief periods?

Uppababy vista adapter?

Does anyone know of a adapter that will make a Britax b safe 35 infant car seat compatible with the uppababy vista?

What’s a good age to start play dates?

I’m a SAHD with a 2mo old. I’m asking not just for my LO but also I think I could use some grown up interaction.

Baby monitors?

Does anyone have suggestions for a good baby monitor under $100?

How can I make my wife feel more involved?

My wife has gone back to work, I’m full time stay at home dad with 2 month old. I know my wife is missed and would like more time with the baby, I’ve got everything on handled, but I get the feeling she feels left out. I try to give her as much time with the baby as possible. In the morning, I pack her lunch, make her breakfast, cook dinner, and keep the house clean, and try to save some activi... More

Activities with a 2 month old?

Does any have any suggestions for activities that I can do with my 2 month old son? Beyond story time, and shadow puppet shows, general ABC and counting sign language?

When should ween your baby out of your arms?

I can usually get my baby to sleep and stay asleep while I hold him, my wife thinks I’ll spoil him to the point that he’ll only go to sleep in my arms. Should I be putting him down when he falls asleep?

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